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Cremations starting at $900 | Burial/memorial services starting at $3,700

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Funeral Planning is Never Easy

Lighthouse offers a simpler alternative to traditional funeral services. Our goal is help make cremation and memorial services both affordable and easy during your time of need. We have made the forms and process necessary for cremation or burial available in a step by step guide, which allows you to complete the necessary plans and paperwork from the comfort of home.

At any time, our knowledgeable staff is available to help with the difficult decisions regarding cremation, traditional funerals or memorial services. If you already have a pre-planned funeral, those policies are transferable. Though an office visit is not necessary, a licensed funeral director is available to meet over the phone or in person at any time to ensure all your questions are answered.

Each person is unique and services should be tailored to reflect their individual personalities. Our services are designed to provide customized memorials that don’t limit your choices. Because Lighthouse partners and has close relationships with local religious groups and organizations, we provide families the ability to hold services at nearly any location in the city. This flexibility also opens your memorial services to the most meaningful activities, food, drink or traditions that best honor your loved one. Lighthouse makes creating a specialized and meaningful service its highest priority to ensure this event creates the most cherished memories in years to come.

Honoring Your Loved One

No Pressure Funeral Planning

Many funeral homes are paid more if they upsell you on a funeral but with Lighthouse you can rest easy knowing that our directors receive the same pay regardless of the price of your funeral and are compensated on the quality of their customer service. This ensures whether you’re pre-planning or have a current need, they are incentivized to provide you with what is best for your family, not what is most expensive. It’s a good feeling knowing you have someone on your side at one of the most difficult moments in life.

We are a family owned funeral home that’s been in the industry for more than a decade. After a friend out of state had to charge unreasonable amounts of money to credit cards just to pay for her husband’s simple funeral, we knew something needed to change. As the first technology based funeral home, we don’t own expensive buildings that tradition funeral homes do.

By removing that daily cost, we can pass those savings to you. We partner with local event centers, community churches and city facilities to provide every culture, nationality and religion with options that don’t restrict them to a single facility. The flexibility that Lighthouse brings has allowed for family receptions, all day viewings and even fully catered events all without exorbitant markups. Some customers have even mentioned that the service feels more like a family reunion than a funeral. We take pride in helping each family customize their service in a way that celebrates the legacy left by their loved one.

Who we are: A new type of funeral home