Our simple step by step guide eliminates
unnecessary costs in traditional funeral
services, providing Amarillo and Dallas-Fort Worth
families peace of mind and lasting memories
at the most important times.
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A New Type of Funeral Home

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We are changing the funeral industry for the better. As the first technology based funeral home, our online platform ensures the best prices for families and then pairs you with the most qualified professionals in your area to ensure every detail is perfect for you and your loved ones. Traditional funeral homes’ expenses are so high many have to mark up items by 600% or more on families. Not with Lighthouse. Our technology allows us to save you thousands without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

We make funeral planning simple by putting every step in an easy to follow guide. Simply begin planning and we walk you through everything you’ll need to consider. Save your plans as you go along and return later. Once started, your personal funeral director will also be available to call, text, email or even meet at any time. Funeral planning can be stressful so we make it easy as possible or you.

Step by Step Planning

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“Thank you for the sympathy and kindness that you showed us at this time of sorrow. We appreciate the time that you spent talking with us and sharing your expertise. Your assistance and compassion had a tremendous impact on a difficult situation for us! Thank you!”.

Most funeral directors are paid more if they upsell you on a funeral but with Lighthouse you can rest easy knowing that our directors receive the same pay regardless of the price of your funeral and are compensated on the quality of their customer service. This ensures they are incentivized to provide you with what is best for your family, not what is most expensive. It’s a good feeling knowing you have someone on your side at a time like this.

No Pressure Funeral Planning

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We'll connect you with a licensed funeral professional to answer anything you need.