Obituary for Shawn Alan Villegas

Shawn Alan Villegas of Amarillo passed away early Monday morning June 16, 2019. He was only 28.

He was born August 16, 1990 to Tracey (Holmes) Thompson and Roy Villegas Sr. and is the oldest of 3 boys.

Shawn was very outgoing and loved to do anything that had to do with the outside. He loved Mother Nature. Shawn touched many people’s lives always leaving a lasting impression in his journey of life. Although short lived Shawn’s passion in life had become to help the less fortunate and those in need. He will be greatly and sadly missed.

I wanna say a very a very special thank you to Roman Garcia for being that one true loyal best friend/ brother that Shawn needed. He loved you very much.

He was preceded in death by his grandfather in 2017.

He is survived by his 3 kids; his mother, Tracey (Holmes) Thompson of VA; his father Roy Villegas Sr. of Amarillo; his 4 brothers, Justin and Erick of VA, Roy Villegas Jr of Amarillo and Roy Borrego; 2 sisters, Laci and Brandy Villegas of Michigan; his grandmothers Edwina Wilson of VA, and Virginia Villegas of
Amarillo and numerous family and friends are left to mourn as well.

Home going services will be held on Monday July 1 st at 1:00 p.m. at Power Church in Amarillo. All are welcomed to Attend as Shawn has touched many lives in his journey to final destination. You will always be in our hearts forever. Until we meet again. Fly High Baby Boy!

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  1. I’m so sorry baby that your time on earth was finished but God needed you more with him 😢😢… You’ll always be in my heart and this is until I see you again..
    Mommy loves you so much❤❤

  2. Shawn and I were friends for a long while. We served the community both, together and separately, for nearly a year before it every was anything else. The words I use here; I can only pray do him justice in death because, in life, he deserved every bit of heart that is behind them.

    He had a gift when it came to investing in others that just kept growing over the time he spent roaming in attempts to shed his own demons.
    I will forever be eternally grateful for the Incredible human Shawn was to me. He picked me up when I was a soul in need of not only a friend but a protector from even myself. Shawn fully embraced and accepted my imperfections. If I voiced them aloud he would tell me to “knock it off.” He would proceed to making sure I knew how special he thought I was. His ability to be truly empathetic was beautiful.

    Shawn was “All about that life” even if, “that life” meant giving his last dime away so someone else might eat, or load up a box of food for someone he found hungry at midnight, one or even 3am. Then, he would follow up the next day with whatever help and resources he could lead them too.

    Shawn was actively working to improve himself, always with the goal of becoming “the father his kids deserved and could be proud of.” He would say things like “I made a lot of bad decisions but some day soon my kids would know a man worthy of them.”

    He was a light in my life when I was at a very dark place. He took time out to learn what calmed me and lifted my spirits. If he sensed it was a bad day or rough time he would not only take me near bodies of water locally to walk regardless the time or the weather; But …I never had to tell him that is what I needed, he just knew. He was invested in knowing how to help people with out words being said. Especially, those few he truly let into his very guarded heart.

    His love (brotherly, friendship, or intimately) was not earned easily but once you earned it he was loyal to a fault and would attempt to do anything he could to see you happy. Unless, you were a repeat offender against his trust, love, or loyalty he would do anything he possibly could for you.

    Prior to this awful tragedy he promised he would work to prove ,my inability was silly, to trust that someone would care enough to put my feelings, safety, and fears of loss first. He successfully made me genuinely feel like I deserved.

    His bear hugs, contagious smile, love for dogs, love for mankind on a genuine level, will be missed by this world. However, I find peace in knowing he had accepted his savior and we had many talks about how much he was loved by his father in heaven. We prayed together and with others often and I believe he had no doubts on who his savior was even though , like me, he often questioned how he was worthy.

    Shawn was a good man, A kind man. A man that was actively improving himself. A very much loved man.

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