Changing Your Pre-paid Funeral Plan

If you have already entered into a pre-need or pre-paid funeral contract, there is a good chance you can switch that contract to a different funeral home of your choice, but you need to carefully review the applicable terms.

  • Is it flexible?
  • Can you change the products and services?
  • Can it be transferred to another funeral director?
  • To what extent is the price guaranteed?
  • What happens to left over money from my pre-paid funeral plan?
  • Can the contract be cancelled?

Whether you have prepaid or not, the terms of your contract will govern whether you can make changes. Prefunding with a funeral trust or through funeral insurance generally offers greater flexibility to make changes than if you make payments directly to your provider.

If your funeral policy is transferrable and you find a funeral home that will offer what you want at a lower price, there are a number of benefits. For example, if you currently have a $10,000 funeral policy but find a funeral home that offers what you want at $6,000, that $4,000 of savings can either be used to cover unexpected expenses your family might have at the time of passing or be retuned to your family.

Funeral homes in Texas are not required to return excess pre-need funds to families after the service is completed, but one unique policy of Lighthouse Funeral and Cremation Services is that any left over money in your pre-paid funeral plan is returned to the family. Lighthouse believes the money in that policy is yours so they make sure your family gets to keep it. Ultimately, many more options open up to you when you switch your policy to a less expensive funeral home.

Lighthouse offers fully customized burial packages as low $4,200 and cremations as low as $900. If you would like to determine if your pre-paid funeral policy is transferrable, if you’re eligible for money back, or if other options are available to you, you can speak with a Lighthouse funeral director by calling 1-833-228-8008 or emailing to learn more.