Live Streaming Funeral Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

Many families ask about live streaming funeral services in Dallas-Fort Worth or broadcasting funeral services of those who have passed away. The offering is becoming increasingly important as the internet and other communications tools are allowing people to build strong connections with others even over long distances. The ability to do that is a modern miracle but it often makes it difficult for those loved ones to travel to attend a funeral. There has been some criticism of those who opt to view a service via live-stream rather than attend but it’s important to understand the situations many are in that keep them from having the choice to attend:

  • Traveling the long distance is financially unrealistic for some who may be overseas or even in different parts of the country
  • International travel requirements keep them from being able to attend (i.e. not able to obtain a passport in the short notice, etc.)
  • Physical illness or disability keeps them from traveling or leaving the home

Closure is an important part of the grieving process and funeral ceremonies are a key part of ensuring family and friends are able to move forward in a positive way after the passing of a loved one. Being able to attend a funeral, even virtually, helps ease grief, reduce guilt and makes it possible for those who have built loving connections to keep memories of that person in their life in an uplifting way.

How does live streaming a funeral service work?

Live streaming funeral service in Dallas-Fort Worth consists of using an internet compatible video camera to record the service. An internet enabled microphone is also used to capture the audio at the ceremony. Both of these devices are fed into live streaming software that broadcasts the service over the internet.

Lighthouse funeral directors provide the family with a URL or link that can be shared with those who would like to tune into the service remotely. When the broadcast begins, remote views would click on the link from their phone, computer or tablet and be able to view the live stream happening in Dallas-Fort Worth from their different locations around the world.

Lighthouse also has the ability to record the live stream so that family and friends can view the recording at a later date as well.