Where can I scatter ashes or cremated remains?

Its important to consider a few different laws and decisions before scattering ashes in Texas. First of all, once scattered, ashes cannot be collected again so ensure that this is truly the final disposition you want for your loved one.

Can I scatter ashes or cremated remains on public land?

Scattering ashes on public land is possible but you must first contact the city or governing body that oversees the land you wish to place the ashes on. Texas law states that a person may scatter cremated remains over uninhabited public land, over a public waterway or sea, or on the private property of a consenting owner. Texas law also states that unless the container is biodegradable, the cremated remains must be removed from the container before being scattered.

Can I scatter ashes or cremated remains on private land?

In Texas, scattering ashes on private land is allowed so long as permission to do so has been given by the land owner. Its important to be sensitive to the land owner and ask them if there are any areas of their property they would prefer remains not be placed. Many families express interest in scattering ashes on the grave of another loved one. In most cases, this is not allowed. Some cemeteries have a designated area where cremated remains can be scattered. Your Lighthouse funeral director can help you contact the cemetery to coordinate.

How to scatter ashes or cremated remains in the ocean?

If you hope to scatter ashes at sea the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that it be at least three nautical miles away offshore. Requirements for scattering cremated remains in lakes and inland waterways can be found by contacting regional offices of the EPA or state authorities.

Other options?

Cremated remains may be placed in a cemetery in a grave. You can also purchase a keepsake in the form of a miniature urn, jewelry or other suitable object, where a portion of the cremated remains may be placed and shared with loved ones. Some people choose to purchase several keepsakes to share the cremated remains with multiple family members and friends.