Many times, families are not prepared to lose a loved one, but when they pass, they have a short period of time to choose a funeral home for services.  It is important to find a funeral home that is transparent with their services and prices, especially in these situations. Lighthouse funeral home has their general price list posted online so that all families can see their pricing before they even talk to anyone.

The general price list is the pricing of the funeral home that must be given to a family before money is discussed with them.  But when it comes to advertising a funeral home can pick and chose how they want to advertise as their prices, as long as it is shown that way on their general price list.

A common example is cremation.  Many funeral homes advertise their direct cremation price as $995 but they don’t let the families know, till you sit down with them, that there is a $300 crematory fee charged that comes from the 3rd party crematory that they use.

Another example, Let’s say a funeral home is advertising services starting at $3,000.00.  This could be a way to get families to come to them first before they tell them that the $3,000 is only their basic service fee for the funeral service.  Now you need to add the removal, embalming, casket, funeral vehicles, etc.

At Lighthouse we own and operate our own crematory and we strive on being as transparent as we can.  All of our package prices show exactly what is included in those packages and we don’t leave anything out that a family might need for their basic services.

Give us a call to set up your service arrangements or for any questions about our pricing.

Here at Lighthouse, we understand that it takes a community to lift up those in need.

Always remember to “Be the Light”