Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD

Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with activities to occupy your day or actually find time to take a breath and relax. Most people feel they have no time on their hands anymore making it difficult to find time in the day to do things they would like to do, like seeing a movie. When you need something to do, or have found the time in your day to take a break, try visiting Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD to catch a new movie. Generally, sitting back and watching a movie is a relaxing pass time, unless of course you are viewing something action packed or horror filled. Who knows? Some people might find those kinds of movies relaxing. Whatever the case may be, Cinemark Hollywood 16 is sure to be showing something you will want to see.

Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD was first opened solely as “Hollywood 16” by the movie theater company Starplex Cinemas in 1997. It was probably the most popular theater in the town for years before Cinergy opened a facility in 2018. Only one week after its grand opening, Starplex sold the theater to Cinemark, so it has basically been owned by Cinemark throughout its life so far. The theater features self-operated kiosks in which customers can purchase tickets without the assistance of any staff members.

When entering the City of Amarillo from the South, travelers will come across Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD at 9100 Canyon Dr, Amarillo, TX 79119 across the highway from Randall High School. The theater has 16 auditoriums and was renovated in 2016. Included in these renovations were the installation of comfy and spacious chairs that allow patrons to elevate their feet as well as a redone sign. Originally, the theater sported a large sign spelling out “HOLLYWOOD 16” in giant, movie style lights that added a touch of glamor to the building. During the remodel, the sign was changed to a plain, white sign that reads “Cinemark.”

If you leave the movie feeling recharged and revived, let some energy go at the neighboring entertainment facility Sports World. Sports World is a family fun center featuring a variety of activities for all ages. A go kart track is located within the center and is perfect for speed enthusiasts looking for a thrill. Visitors can also try their hand at the batting cages where they can work on their baseball skills by hitting balls pitched to them by a machine. There is also a mini golf course so you can challenge the little ones to a fair game of golf. If the sun is really beating down that day and you get hot, you can take some shade in the game room and play some games.

Located on the opposite side of the theater is a hotel called the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Amarillo South. The location for this hotel makes it a great choice for movie buffs or people looking to indulge in what Sports World has to offer.
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Map from Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD to Lighthouse Funeral Home

Map from Cinemark Hollywood 16 and XD to Wildcat Bluff Nature Center