Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Rick Husband was a famous astronaut and fighter pilot who is most notably recognized for traveling into space two separate times. Born and raised in Amarillo, TX on July 12, 1957, the esteemed, soon-to-be astronaut attended and graduated from Amarillo High School then went on to graduate from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He would also go on to graduate with a master of science in mechanical engineering from California State University. He was a member of multiple organizations including the Air Force Association, Society of Experimental Test Pilots, and the Texas Tech Ex-Students Association.

Rick Husband began his journey into space in 1994 when NASA selected him as a candidate for an astronaut. He was the pilot of the space flight STS-96 Discovery in which he and his crew were the first to ever dock the International Space Station in order to deliver supplies for the astronauts who were set to reside among it the next year. The journey in space lasted for a total of 9 days and 19 hours in which they orbited the Earth 153 times.

His next, and final space flight took place starting on January 16, 2003. The STS-107 Columbia launched into space for 16 days on a mission of research with Rick Husband as the commanding officer. Around 80 experiments were successfully carried out by the crew while they worked rotating shifts over 24 hour periods. Unfortunately, upon reentry to Earth, the spacecraft came apart and all seven of the crew members were killed. It was a horrible tragedy that deeply affected the people viewing the reentry as they slowly noticed the rocket was in pieces.

Before the death of the beloved, local astronaut, the airport used for commercial flights in Amarillo was known as Amarillo International Airport. The first plane terminal located in the city was named English Field housed in a different building that is now home to the Texas Air and Space Museum. Following his demise, the airport in Amarillo was renamed Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport in honor of the fallen astronaut. It has the seventh lengthiest airplane runway that civilians regularly use in the country stretching 13,502 feet long and has hubs for American, Southwest, United, and Allegiant Airlines.

The airport features a place for dining in case you showed up at the airport without food on your belly as well as a small gift shop in which you can purchase snacks for your flight. Have a drink at the airport bar after you’ve gone through security if you have the flying jitters or relax in a seat while you wait. If you are worried about the parking situation, we’ve got you covered. The airport has a parking garage that is the closest point of parking located to the building, so when you are concerned about weather conditions while you’re away, you can rest easy knowing your car is safe. There are also two surface lots located alongside the parking garage that provide outdoor parking for travelers or those seeing their loved ones off.
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