Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

In the Texas Panhandle, you can bet on sunshine and heat during spring and summer months. A lot of people like to get out in nature during these times regardless of the blistering heat. One of the best places to go to be surrounded by nature in Amarillo, TX is Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. This nature center features hiking trails around the property located at 2301 N Soncy Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124. With amazing resources and great outdoor features, Wildcat Bluff is a great place to get your daily dose of vitamin C.

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center was founded in 1992 as a self-supporting, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of nature and the education of the community. With so many things to see, you won’t be bored at this nature center. The five miles of trails venture out away from the central point of location where the visitors center is located. Watch out for bugs and wasps while you’re on the trail as this environment is their home.

The center is located on a piece of the now inoperable Frying Pan Ranch that belonged to none other than the inventor of barbed wire, Joseph Glidden. Mr. Glidden used his invention on this ranch and revolutionized the world of ranching with it. This ranch was passed down to his son-in-law William Henry Bush who is responsible for the founding of Bushland, TX.

Wildcat Bluff encompasses 640 acres of beautiful Texas plains. A cool historic feature of this nature center is the Gregg-Marcy Santa Fe Trail. A part of this historic trail can be followed while visiting Wildcat Bluff. The center is dedicated to preserving the area through environmentally appropriate techniques and runs fully on the backs of their volunteers. The center is run as if it were a living museum.

Volunteers play a major role in the upkeep and operation of Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. In fact, the entire facility is run by volunteers of all ages. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at the nature center including groundworks/maintaining the property, accounting roles, and school programs. If you love nature and have a passion for working with it, volunteer a helping hand at Wildcat Bluff.

The center encourages schools to visit the nature center in order to engage students and inspire in them a sense of responsibility for the environment. We are all in charge of taking care of our Earth because if we don’t, who will? These school visits require a ratio of 10 students to every chaperone. All chaperones are free of charge for admission but each student requires a fee of $3.

Grades below Kindergarten and at the college level are welcomed to schedule visits as well. There are programs offered for all ages including self-guided and naturalist-guided hikes. For grades Kindergarten through sixth, the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center offers programs called Animals of the High Plains, Amphibians and Reptiles, and Texas Insects and Their Relatives. There are also programs offered for grades three through eight called Geology Rocks!, Talking Bones and Rocks, and Leaving Your Mark.
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Map from Wildcat Bluff Nature Center to Lighthouse Funeral Home

Map from Wildcat Bluff Nature Center to The Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery