Chad Leee

Chad Lee, at age 50, passed away on December 18, 2021, from Covid complications.  He was born May 10, 1971, to his parents Barbara and Don Lee in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After graduating from Cooper High School in 1990, Chad went on to further his education by receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree from Sul Ross State University in the Big Bend Region of Texas, an area of Texas that he absolutely loved. 

After completing his Bachelor of Science Degree, Chad had a love for arachnology.  The study of scorpions was his main focus.  In one of his many expeditions, Chad discovered and was published as finding a new species of scorpion. Chad would later decide to extend his education by attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas. With his love for the desert environment, Chad made the move to Amarillo, Texas.  

As most that knew him were aware, Chad always had scorpions and tarantulas in his residence that would put that ever so slight quiver to each who visited. His love for the arachnids created his non-existence of fear for them as it was not uncommon to watch as he would handle the scorpions and such with no issues at all.  We would watch in amazement with the most popular response from friends and family being, “umm, nope!” as one would slowly back away. 

Chad is survived by his mother Barbara Lee; father, Don Lee; mother-in-law Linda Lee; his brother, Shane Lee; sister in law Kandis Lee, and his beautiful daughter Brook Annabel Lee. 

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear”

A Celebration of Life for Chad’s family and friends will be held at 2:00 pm on January 8, 2022, at 3413 Simmons Rd., Belton, Texas. All who are attending please reach out to,  or private message.


  1. Judith Ann Berthold Allen

    So very proud of Chad’s accomplishments; his love for the ‘outdoors’ – those who share the same inspiration/reverence know well the amazement & love of nature which never fails to fill us with awe.

  2. Emily

    I member growing up I would go stay the night allot with my uncle chad when my dad had to work. We would go into his spider room and I would sit there and watch him feed his spiders and scorpions they use to freak me out but he sure did love those things. We would also go to WWE fights and he use to love him some Stone cold Steve Austin. He was the first person to ever take me to my first WWE fight.

  3. Keith Polk

    When I think of Chad it is back when we was young, still in high school. His brother and I would be doing something stupid, he would have a smirk on his face and just nod his head. He will be missed, love to his family.

  4. Shane Lee

    I have enough memories to last a lifetime. Memories close to my heart and those that knew him. These memories will be cherished for the rest of our days. The laughs, the excitement, and the adventures we shared, will always be engraved in my soul to never be lost. From the plains to high peaks, through the rain and wind, your spirit will live on, free to see, all those that loved you, and all that will never forget. Fly free brother, we love you always and forever.

  5. Johnny Anderson

    I remember when we lived in Abilene I went in Chads room one day & he had all his specimens Of spiders & scorpions laid out everywhere. Im scared of all those crawlers & I just froze for a split second before & high tailed it out the room. Chad was laughing so hard at me he started choking! I didn’t think it was too funny but he sure did

  6. Kari J McWest

    When Chad and I were studying arachnid and scorpion biology at West Texas A&M University, we went on many adventures together. These continued well beyond our tenure at WT and included numerous trips to Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas Big Bend, and throughout northern Mexico. Stories way too numerous and lengthy to share! He was always there for me during rough patches, and I hope I helped him through his.

  7. Joe Ortega

    We worked together at Terminix and we kept in touch thru Facebook. Chad was a quiet person but would let you know what he thought when it was important. I respected him as a person and co-worker. I am proud to say I got to meet Chad, may he rest in peace. Joe

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