Pamela Louise Cooper

On December 3, 2022, Pamela Louise Cooper of Amarillo, Texas, died at the young age of 68 years. Pam was born in San Francisco to Rosa Mae Thomas and later adopted by Leon J. Duste. In October 1974, she married David, and together they raised three children.

Pam was blessed with creativity. She enjoyed making her children’s clothes and Halloween costumes when they were younger. She loved to make special birthday cards for her grandkids, annual Christmas ornaments, and delighted in teaching her grandkids to paint with inventive techniques. Pam instilled in her children the importance of creating family traditions. Santa’s Elves pajamas, and hot chocolate-egg McMuffin’s first thing on Christmas morning, are just some of the family traditions that her children still carry on today. Pam’s venturesome attitude engrained in her family a love of rollercoasters and theme parks. She was loved dearly and will be greatly missed by many. We will carry on her adventurous spirit, quirky sense of humor, and love for tradition and spending time with family.

Pam was preceded in death by her mother, Rose, her father, Leon, and her brother, Steve.

Pam is survived by her husband, David; three children, Rebel, Zina, and Damon; two sisters, Zina and Margaret; nine grandchildren, and numerous sisters–in–laws, brothers-in-law, nieces, and nephews that she cherished.

There is no funeral service planned at this time. In lieu of sending flowers please consider making a donation in memory of Pam Cooper to the National Kidney Foundation:


  1. Zina Keeran

    Rest in Peace my sweet sister. I only wish that we had a longer time on this earth to spend together. I loved sharing your “quirky” sense of humor even though it sometimes got us in trouble. We shared so many laughs and silliness together over the years. I don’t know who now is going to help me save the “veal”, pray with the Hari Krishners at Stinson Beach, get in trouble for having paper towel roll toss competition (long story), or get stuck in traffic circles in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Those will always be treasured memories.

    I know we will be with each other again someday, but until then, try and stay out of trouble.

  2. Anonymous

    Rebel, Zina and Damon,

    I just learned of, and was saddened by, your mom’s passing.

    Distance of course limited the amount of in person association our two families had (of course grandma always filling me in on what you guys and all the cousins were up to). Still, I have several specific memories of your mom. She was definitely a cool, creative, if not spunky aunt… and fiercely loyal to you guys. I remember when we visited California over Thanksgiving week. She was the adult that rolled the best with all of the high energy kid noise, and encouraged activity, even if redirecting it (instead of the abbreviated normal adult response “Be quiet.”).

    I am not sure if you guys remember, but when my mom was in the later stages of pregnancy with my little brother, she was put on bedrest. Somehow your mom had the compassion to bring you three to our house to help take care of my sisters and I, while my dad went to work at his new job. All six of us were 3 and under. Heroic all in itself…

    One evening after my dad got home from work, he and your mom took us all to the grocery store to buy whatever your mom thought we needed, while my mother rested.

    As all six of us were bouncing toward the register with my dad and your mom, apparently the cashier was giving us, and I believe my dad in particular, the evil eye. When we got to the register with barely concealed contempt the cashier asked, “Are all of these your kids?”

    In a way that only your mom could, she replied, “They ARE all our kids.” No explanation, no apology, just perfect.

    I remember that from time to time and wonder what else about life I could have learned from an aunt who could take things like that in stride.

    Sending sympathies, love and warm wishes as you mourn her passing, and remember and celebrate her life.

  3. MaryRuth Wiggins

    I have many fun memories of my Aunt Pam and all of those memories include her laughter. She had a great laugh and a great sense of humor! She and David are two of a kind in this way. I also remember her creativity and her adventurous spirit. When I was young, she made everything seem like and adventure. I am grateful to have had her as family. Much love to you all!

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