Alberto/Asia Gonzales

Alberto Gonzales Jr, known throughout his childhood and young adult life by family and friends as Bebe, and later by friends and family as Asia Yu Hahn Rabe, 45, of Amarillo, passed away peacefully on January 7th, at home with her husband.

Bebe/Asia grew up in Childress, Texas, and also lived in Sacramento, California, and Irving, Texas. Bebe/Asia worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant for over 20 years. She was a bright light who brought laughter and beauty wherever she went. Bebe/Asia will be dearly missed and always remembered.

Bebe / Asia was predeceased by his/her father, Alberto Gonzales.

She is survived by her husband of 5 years, Matt; her daughter, Vendena of Sacramento, California; her mother, Melva of Childress; siblings, Elva Barrica and husband Dennis; her brother Ricky; half-sister, Cecilia, and their families. Bebe/ Asia cherished her cousins’ friendship and love too, including Veronica Arellano, Rebecca Rodriguez, Mely Jurado, and many others.

Bebe / Asia will be remembered and honored in a private gathering by her husband and immediate family.

We request all of Bebe / Asia’s loved ones to join us in prayer in remembrance of our brother.


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