Allen Leroy Doty

Allen Leroy Doty

Allen Leroy Doty was born on October 25, 1953.

Al was famous for many things but his massive stature and personality was most notable. Thus becoming “Big Al” to everyone who met him!

He graduated from Borger High School 1972 and attended West Texas State University, now West Texas A&M University on a football scholarship in mid 1970s. It was not unusual to see his picture in the sports section of the Amarillo Globe News on Sunday touting his performance on the field. His academics were just as good and Allen finished his degree plan and graduated.

After his college athletic career, he played professional football but his career ended with an injury and Al felt his call to serve our country in the United States Navy where he was in Special Operations and a II Class Chief Petty Officer when he finished his active duty.

After leaving the U S Navy, Al pursued his degree plan and returned to the Texas Panhandle and his work in the oil and gas industry. Although Big Al worked outside the industry he accumulated over 40 years of experience leading and managing oil and gas exploration and production operations across the globe. He was an expert at directing and managing operational teams to optimize efficient field results. Al developed extensive contacts throughout the industry. After retiring he became a private consultant and started a partnership and established A2R Resources LLC.

Proverbs 22:6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Al had gone to catholic schools in grade school and came full circle in his adult life and was going through RICA training to become a member of the catholic church at the time of his death.

Big Al is survived by a multitude of friends he called his family!

Due to Covid-19 there are no services planned; however, a memorial service will be held for all friends and family during the first quarter of 2021.

He asked that instead of flowers that donations be made to West Texas A&M University.


  1. Clay Avery

    Just a great guy and good friend. I work at the hospital where al spent his last days. The doctors let me be in his room till his last breath. I grabbed his hand and. Even called out his name, hoping he could hear me. Day I’ll never forget.

  2. Scott J Wells

    I’ll save all my memories for the Q1 2021 celebration of life. We’ll laugh & cry then!!!

  3. Malcolm (Mac) McDougall

    I met Big Al in San Diego, Ca. in 1974, when we were both in the Navy. If you know Al. You know how easy it was to become fast friends with him. One of my first memories, Al being one of the first Texan I had met, was asking him what he did before he joined the Navy. Now Al stood about a good 6ft 4in and weighed around 225 and without blinking an eye told me he had broke Shetland ponies. I said what do you do, just sit on them and quit for them to stop squirming???? We laughed and laughed. As big as he was he had a heart that was bigger, he was as kind and gentle a soul as I’ve ever known. My heart breaks with his passing. I had been so hoping to see him again in the coming year. RIP my brother, we have the watch.

  4. Alan (little Al) Brooks

    Big Al and I were Navy shipmates back in the mid 70’s. We were not in the same commands but shared an appartment for months. I remember Al as a big, friendly teddy bear most of the time but also disciplined when he needed to be. He was a good friend through the years and will be sorely missed. Fair winds and following seas shipmate. Rest in peace.

  5. Ross Brown

    Love you buddy I will miss you xtra big personality, and big smile

  6. pj leblanc

    I prouidly served with him in the NAVY in the 70’s – nice guy in VC-3. God speed – we have the watch…

  7. Opie tullos

    He liked everyone very caring and loved his oilfield which was his bread and butter And a very interesting man

  8. Ray Wood

    Al and I were good friends, he rented a house from me for a few years and we always talked. I will miss Al very much I had the pleasure of talking with him just a few weeks before we lost him.

  9. Anonymous

    See you soon old friend. …you will be missed…..Todd Duncan

  10. Joe Arlet

    I served in the Navy with big Al . VC3. Navel Air Station North Island. Great man. RIP Sailor

  11. Richard and Kim Mays

    Al and my husband, Richard Mays, we’re good friends. This was sad & tragic for us to hear. Richard & Al talked about once a month. Their calls might be 10 minutes cause one was busy but most of the time it was a 30 minute to an hour. It always made my husband’s day brighter to hear from Al. We will miss you, Al!

  12. Greg Fraley

    I’ve known Al since we were young teenagers in Borger. He was a great friend that would do anything for a friend. The thing I remember most about him was how smart he was. He was one of the smartest people at Borger High. We had a lot of fun times in the eighties in Amarillo. He was not only big in stature, but also big of heart. See you on the other side good buddy.

  13. Todd Regalado

    Too many memories to put on this post….Big Al was the Patriarch of the crew that was over 100 strong back in the 80’s in Amarillo, met Big Al in San Diego through my Fraternity Brother and have been best friends for over 40 years…Al is the reason I got in the oil and gas industry and becoming the person I am today, I will be forever great full for his friendship, wisdom, laughs and memories over the years… we will have many laughs and tears when we all get together…. love and miss ya brother RIP my friend and look forward to seeing you on the other side one day….

  14. Ron Shafer

    Big Al was a great friendly and lovable man with a great heart; he will be sorely missed! RIP big guy! Anchors aweigh!

  15. Steve Nelson

    Al and I met in 1986 and became great friends. We were roommates in the barrio in Amarillo, Tx in the 90s for about 4 years. It was my property so Al and I built a volleyball court, put some spot lights up, and those were 4 of the greatest years of my life. We had more fun then 2 grown men deserved and he told the greatest stories. Al knew how to work a room like know other person and he was loved by everyone. I talked to Al just a week before he went in the hospital. I am glad I was able to talk to him one last time. I love my big buddy and miss him everyday.

  16. P.J. & Kathy Pflaum

    Al was a good friend to my wife Kathy and I while we all served in the Naval Air Squadron of Fleet Composite Squadron Three, (VC-3), San Diego (Coronado), California in the early 1970’s. I’ll always remember Al’s smile and enthusiasm, and the way I could get him to laugh at my really bad jokes. My remembrance of him in those days was that his presence provided me an uplifting of positive attitude and yes I’ll say it… One excellent memory is my wife Kathy – who is four feet ten inches tall – and “Big AL” – dancing “the bump” at a party off base in Coronado. This scene was hilarious to watch ! He is a good friend who we will miss……but Kathy and I know he’s still with us in our hearts. Kathy and I are guilty of never fulfilling our promise to visit Al in Texas…as I worked for Northwest Airlines (now part of Delta) and had free transportation. This procrastination darkens my soul and increases my regret………and brings more tears to my eyes. I will miss you my good friend. When we see one another again, I promise to shake your hand and give you a good brotherly hug! Al,
    thank you for being the source of good joyous happy smiling memories in our Naval service. I believe God put you there to add some easiness into the starkness and finality that military service will – at times – provide. Rest assured that I’ve informed those in heaven that an excellent soul is on the way. We love you, Al.

  17. DeLoyd (Dee) McGehee

    Big Al one of a kind. If you ever saw his eyes or heard his voice you knew that was Big Al.

  18. Tommy D Florer(flash)

    Allen and i went to high school together we ran around with each other with our friends bj florer,tommy newman(newdog), ray jordan we did everything together will miss you so much bud


    Rest In Paradise…

  20. Pamela Smith

    Rest In Paradise.

  21. Anonymous

    Rest In Paradise…

  22. Steve and Sara Wedel

    One of the most influential people I ever had in my life. His guidance with my career has favored my time of this earth. The light he shined being kind to everyone, the stories he told, and the historian complete patriot – we all understood who He was! We shall all miss and reflect to carry on some of the BIG AL experiences..

  23. Patricia Bradley Brant

    Allen, my cousin, brought such light into my life, especially this past year. He was bigger than life, sharing his love of life and loyalty to friends and this country. Love you and miss you.

  24. Tony Doyle

    I met Al while working as a gas plant operator for Enbridge. Al was our Environmentalist/Safety Coordinator. Al and I hit it off as friends right off the bat because we were both Borger/Phillips boys, both about the same size, both loved playing football, had similar personalities, and knew some of the same people. Al had a heart ❤️ the size of Texas and didn’t know a stranger. I called Al after I was laid off from Enbridge and he kept bin touch with me and gave me contacts until I landed another job. A great leader and great friend. He loved God, people and life. Until we meet again, Big Al.

  25. Ricky Schmitto

    I just found out about Big Al from Mark Haworth. Big Al was a great friend from Junior High up. I spoke to Al November 2nd and he caught me up on Borger friends. Big Al knew everyone and everyone knew Big Al. I will miss you and am proud to have called you Friend.

  26. Rick Schmitto

    I had the pleasure of meeting Big Al in the 7th grade at SFA. We had Mrs. Pelley for math and Tommy Florer was in our class as well. I can truly say Big Al has been a lifelong friend. I spoke to him in early November. He was on the road heading to a job site
    Big Al always kept me up to date about old Borger buddies. We talked every 6 months or so. He is truly a friend that will be missed.

  27. Ava Hastey

    Big Al was my friend since the late 70’s and early 80’s.. I have so many fun memories of him keeping me out of trouble and helping get into a little..He was like a brother to me and protected me like a brother would..I’m so sorry we lost him so soon!
    I miss you and love you forever Big Al
    Rest in Peace

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