Carl Edward Draper

Carl Edward Draper, a spirited and witty gentleman, born on May 26, 1935, in Thurmont, MD, passed away on September 12, 2023. He spent the majority of his life in Clarendon, Texas, where he was known and cherished by many. Carl was a devoted father, a loyal friend, and a respected member of the community. His sharp wit and lively spirit were a beacon of joy that brightened the lives of everyone fortunate enough to know him.

Carl led a fulfilling life as a truck driver for Merchants Fast Motorlines before his retirement. His love for the open road didn’t end with his retirement as he embarked on a new adventure as an RV Park owner, sharing his passion for travel and exploration with others. He was a living testament to the fact that life is a journey filled with countless memories to be made and cherished. Carl is survived by his children: Rusty Draper, Karlyn Fincher, Tim Draper, and Vera Levandowski. He is preceded in death by his parents, Worth and Helen Draper.

We invite you to share your favorite memories and photos of Carl on his memorial page. His legacy will continue to live on through the stories and memories we share. Carl’s life was a testament to the power of a positive attitude and a zest for life, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


  1. Dickson Cider

    Ah, Carl, the man of many quirks and curiosities. He was the kind of guy who thought wearing mismatched socks was a fashion statement, and who believed that a ketchup-only diet was the secret to eternal youth. If you ever needed someone to offer unsolicited advice on how to fold a napkin into an origami swan at a fast-food restaurant, Carl was your man.

    His dedication to conspiracy theories was truly impressive. From believing that pigeons were government spies to being convinced that the moon landing was filmed in his neighbor’s garage, Carl had a theory for everything. He even had a “Tin Foil Hat Club” where members gathered weekly to discuss their latest outlandish ideas.

    When it came to technology, Carl was a true visionary. He firmly believed that the world would be a better place if everyone communicated exclusively through carrier pigeons and smoke signals. You could often find him in the park, trying to teach squirrels Morse code.

    Carl’s unique sense of humor was, well, an acquired taste. His idea of a good joke was a five-hour-long pun that left everyone scratching their heads in confusion. He once tried stand-up comedy, but the audience mistook his routine for a TED Talk on the physics of rubber duckies.

    In the end, Carl was a one-of-a-kind character who left us with a legacy of laughter, head-scratching moments, and a burning desire to find out if pigeons were indeed spying on us. Rest in peace, Carl, and may you continue to entertain the afterlife with your peculiarities. You were a true piece of shit.

  2. Vaughn Draper

    About 9 years ago I learned a lot more about the various branches of the Draper family. I always knew about and probably met, a few times, Great Uncle Worth. Worth and my Grandfather (Edgar) were brothers and had a sister Mary Eva. That made Carl and my Dad first cousins.

    Just wanted to send along my Condolences to Carl’s family.

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