Diana “Diane, Di” Foley

Diana “Diane, Di” Foley, 71, of Amarillo, TX passed away March 9, 2021. Diane was born July 9, 1949 in Dumas, TX to Jimmy and Wanda Habekott. At the age of 10, she (along with her sister, Janice and brother Jim) moved in with Uncle Raymond and Aunt “Edie” Edith Jewell to be raised for the rest of their childhood years in Amarillo, Texas.. Edith and Raymond already had two children of their own “Sherri and Ronnie”. Sherri was only four years old and Ronnie was a teenager.

Diane attended San Jacinto Church of the Nazarene and had so many wonderful fun friends through church activities. She was so blessed to be raised in a Christian home and a world that was nothing like it was today. She played outside and hung out with friends until the street lights came on. Nothing to be afraid of, she could ride her bike, play hopscotch, hide and seek etc. without any worries. She could go with a group of friends on Halloween to trick or treat in her neighborhood along with houses blocks away. She married her first love, Russell Wood and had one wonderful son, Johnny Wood.

When Diane was her in her late 20’s, she started volunteering at Presbyterian Children’s Home. She later became a house parent at Union Cottage. Her own son, Johnny, loved having many brothers and sisters and like the other’s started calling his mom “Mother Diane”. This was Diane’s passion in life, loving and caring for children from broken homes, having come from a broken home herself.
Later in life she lived with her son in a duplex not far from where she grew up. Diane and Johnny raised her niece Breeanna Stevens. Breeanna later moved to Montana with her nana and papa “Sherri and Henry Cruz”. Breeanna always considered herself as Di’s daughter.

Not that long ago, Diane said she wished all children could live in a world like she did.
Unfortunately, Diane had to live her last few years in a world of pandemic with Covid-19. She lived in a nursing home so therefore no one could visit her, which made for lonely days. Toward the end, she was able to have visitors but she could not go out of her room. Visitors were not allowed to bring her favorite food or have it delivered. Her roommate died of the virus along with her two best friends on her hall. Diane had coronavirus but survived and went back to her room without a roommate to visit with. She had a phone, T.V. and a talking book to help occupy her days and nights. She called her sister, Janice Cranmer, almost every night. Of course, she called her son, Johnny and sister Sherri Cruz as well.

During the last seven years of her life, she resided at Hillside Heights Nursing Home in Amarillo, Texas where she passed away. She was not alone when she took her last breath, her wonderful niece Shelby Brady was there. Shelby tried everything she could think of to get in to see her Aunt Di that night. Finally, the nurses were able to get someone to give Shelby the covid test and she was taken to Di’s room just minutes before Di passed away.

Diane was preceded in death by her parents, Jimmy and Wanda Habekott; her uncle, Raymond and Edith Jewell that raised her; grandparents, Bill and Marley Combs; a brother, Jim Habekott; a niece, Brittany Stevens; stepmothers, Deloris Habekott and Yulonda Habekott; her stepdad, Ott Ellis and many other aunts, uncles, and friends.

Diane is survived by her son, Johnny Wood of Odessa, TX; her sisters, Janice Cranmer of Oklahoma City, Sherri Cruz of Montana, Christy Anderson of Dumas, TX, Vickie Mitchell of Borger, Texas, June Ellis of Ponca City, OK; her brothers, Mike Habekott of Woodward, OK and Dennis Ellis of Borger, TX and many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.


  1. Janice Cranmer

    I miss my sister every day. I was used to talking to her every night so that makes evenings sad. She was a wonderful sister! I have so many wonderful memories of her! That is what I hold on to and it helps me make it thru each day. I wouldn’t bring her back even if I could since she was in so much pain and very lonely. I pray every day for her son and other relatives that also miss her.

  2. June Ellis

    Wished i would of seen my sister but i have not seen her in years, I truley feel bad for this but i knew her enough to love and miss her very much we played as kids and all of us had a great time !!! Im glad she is not in pain or lonely anymore she has alot of wonderful people in heaven to keep her happy love to all !!!

  3. Debbie Beck

    My name is Debbie Beck and I’m married to Diane’s cousin Dennis. I only had the pleasure of meeting Diane one time, but I must say she was quite memorable. She was full of life, love, and joy. We met at a birthday party for Dennis and Diane’s grandmother, Marley Combs. Diane showed her loving spirit to everyone there and kept us all entertained with stories of all the cousins growing up together and what a loving family it was to be a part of. Her shining personality left an impression on all who were present. An example of this is the fact that my oldest daughter, who was maybe 6 or 7 at the time, has never forgotten her. She still mentions her from time to time over 40 years later. She thought Diane was a wonderful person and a lot of afun. Diane will certainly be missed by all who had the good fortune of knowing her. We were all blessed to have been even a small part of her life.

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