Fidelina Munster

Fidelina Munster, “Mama Nina“ March 21, 1943-March 11, 2021 SPS, Honduras-Dallas, Texas En memoria de nuestra Mama Nina. Le sobrevive su hijo, Iván Mejía, su hija, Carol Mejía, sus nietos, nietas y bisnietas, bisnietos. Mama Nina era una amada hija, hermana, tía, madre, abuela, bisabuela y amiga. Tu sonrisa gentil, abrazos apretados, ojos cautivadores y voluntad fuerte estarán para siempre en nuestros corazones. Nos enseñaste a no darnos por vencidos, a trabajar duro y sobre todo, a soñar grande. Te extrañaremos profundamente, pero tu espíritu siempre caminará con nosotros. Vida Eterna celebrada el Sábado 13 de Marzo de 2021, de 12:00 a 3:00.


  1. Maria Deras

    Mama Nina was a bright light to me. She raised me and she taught me that giving up was not an option. My memories with her are held near my heart and I will cherished always. I am forever grateful to our Heavenly Father for letting us care for you, love you and enjoy you for all these years. Yo te amo tanto Abuelita.

  2. Eduin Deras

    Descanse en Paz mama Nina..Gracias a Dios ledamos por darnos la oportunidad de Pasar momentos lindos con usted mama nina..Gracias mama nina,por tenerlos simepre en sus oraciones,por ser una Linda persona..Gracias le doy a Dios porque haora tenemos un lindo angel que les protejera..La queremos mucho mama Nina…

  3. Alba Mejia

    No tengo palabras para describir lo especial k fue para mi mama nina la mejor Abuela y como suegra solo dire k le estare eternamente agradesida el resto de mi vida por ser la mejor y unica suegra para mi te amaremos por siempre Mama Nina ❤

  4. dani

    mama nina… thank you for the 24 years you served me. you were the one who showed me how to love. when you moved i turned to darkness and light would only come out when i was doing what you had raised me to do. & that was being with the family together. that was my source of happiness and i was fully aware that we were your source of happiness until your last breathe. it saddens me that i’ll never be able to sleep with you in your bed and wake up to you being downstairs already cooking up breakfast big enough for a family of 12 when it would only be 4-5 of us. i know you’re watching over me but i don’t want that. i want you here. i miss your strong smell. i miss your soft kisses. your firm grips. they say you’re in a better place now. which i sure hope is true. you deserve it mama nina, thanks for everything

  5. Ivan JR

    ? Mama Lina how i called you. The lil time i spent with you i have and always will cherish. I felt your warm love and i knew right away that you really loved me and wanted to do for me… You always made sure I ate and always asking if i need anything… you made me feel like i grew up with you mama lina JAM knows my heart and how thankful i am for knowing you and may you rest in loving peace with our fellow ancestors… Dios te bendiga y gracias por todo tu oraciones mamalina GOD has my life in his hands and have you on his side..????

  6. daniel

    my beautiful mama nina. whenever we were in your presence you always made sure we felt loved. i’m gonna miss you praying with me everytime i saw you. i remember you and me sat and talked for hours in my moms room and you told me so many stories about dad and grandpa. you were the most caring and generous grandma. i couldn’t even explain how good you were to us. life still doesn’t feel real but even though you’re physically not here anymore, i know you’re okay and you’ll always live through us. please watch over us and keep us safe and healthy. i love you so much mama nina, thank you for everything ?

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