Florence Nadine Pierson

Florence Nadine Pierson, 82, of Amarillo, passed away September 20, 2022 after a brief illness, surrounded by her family. Nadine was born December 13, 1939 in Colorado City, Texas to Cloy Marie McCain (née Putman) and Edward Warren McCain.

There were two great loves in Nadine’s life; her family and cooking. The best times she had were when she could combine the two! She had always enjoyed family reunions so in the ‘90s she started having reunions with her own family (from her mother, Mamaw and down). These reunions were great affairs happening once or twice a year and covering an entire weekend with as many as 30-50 attendees. There would be poker played until the wee hours, mighty Wa-Hoo battles fought to the death and huge spreads of vittles to be consumed. These reunions continued until Covid interrupted them. She would leave these reunions with a glow and tell the stories for months or years.

In 2008 there was a cookbook published on Amazon titled “Granny Nadine’s Kitchen Table”. This was a labor of love for Nadine. The family had spread out so much that she was afraid that we would lose our common threads of cooking and loving each other. Through her efforts there will be an ongoing link to everyone in our family.

She is survived by her 5 children, Warren T. Griffin, Joy Dean Hickenbottom, Walter T. Griffin, William E. Griffin and Brian David Griffin. Her surviving extended family consists of 14 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

We love you Mama!


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