Jeffrey Lewis “Hope” Jackson

Jeffrey Lewis “Hope” Jackson, 65, of Amarillo, passed away March 13, 2024. He was born November 24, 1958 in Indianapolis, Indiana. On that day, an angel was born. He was the only boy of five children. From then on, he was the center of attention.

As he grew, he was sure to be a star in athletics and in life. He was an all-American and played for Crispus Attucks High School and was a wizard on the basketball court. His strength was his mind. He was a master technician in strategy. He quoted often, “If they don’t know how to play ball well, I’ll make ‘em look like they do.”

“Hope” became the name he was most referred to as he became a man. It was known, Hope would not stay in one place long. In his journey, he spent decades, significant amounts of time, building friends into family.

It was a certainty that with everyone he met, it would most surely become a strong connection. He always called everyone “some kind of family.” Some of his friends-to-family relationships spanned 50 years. He was just as devoted then, as he is now to those times with each and every person.

He traveled long and far so his list of family and friends grew along the way. He was a man of many parts, a jack-of-all-trades, and money was his occupation.

After a time, he left Indiana and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where he undoubtedly made very deep connections. One day he decided to make a temporary trip to Texas, which ironically became permanent.

Hope loved Texas and how big it was. He was quoted many times saying, “Texas is bigger and better…but I’m still a Hoosier at heart.”

Around June of 2006, Hope met a woman named Jennifer Sanchez. She too, did not stay in one place. Almost immediately after meeting, they lost their hearts to one another. Both strong-willed, there were many bumps in the love affair; however, they decided to never leave each other.

They spent the next 18 years travelling and they settled in two places, Ft. Worth and Amarillo, Texas. As age, illness, and circumstances took place, they “finally” settled down in Amarillo. Hope would remain here until his last breath, but during that, his love for his wife and children grew.  Most especially, spending time with his granddaughter “Bella” was where he was the happiest.

Hope never lost his love of travel, only the capacity to do so, but he found much joy in the family he had chosen.

You will be missed, Hope Jackson, because of the angel that you were here on earth!

He was preceded in death by his parents, Lewis Jackson and Marilyn Pollard Harris, his sister, Belinda Jackson, and his infant son.

Those left behind to share Hope’s memory are his wife, Jennifer Sanchez; five children, Joshua, Shelby, Jessica, Michael and John Anthony; one grandchild, Isabella; his sisters, Donna Horner, Rochelle Martin, Claudette Rivers, as well as many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews.

A Celebration of Life will be scheduled for a later date.


  1. Theresa Liles

    My flava flav.( only certain people understand this) Oh how I am going to miss my Warrior buddy. It has been an honor knowing you all these years. Thanks for all the laughs. you truly had the biggest heart. I can honestly say John Anthony loved you with all his heart and soul. You were his only dad he ever knew. I am so glad he had you. I love you and will never forget you. FLY HIGH. ALWAYS AND FORVER. LOVE YOU

  2. Gerald Johnson (Bad Boys BBq )

    A great man that you could never forget I was the first one he met when he came to Texas in the streets, and the story goes on I love this dude like a brother.

  3. Jennifer Sanchez

    How do I say goodbye to my other half. I don’t, I just say see you later. So thank you hope for all of the years all of the love and all of the knowledge that you gave to me. Thank you for being you thank you for choosing me and loving me. Although we didn’t make it to the wedding date of March 17th. We still fulfilled our vows till death do us part. I love you old man and no one can ever take your place. With God’s good grace I know I will see you again.

  4. Jennifer Sanchez

    I’m sorry that we didn’t get to make it to our wedding date but we fulfilled our vows anyway. Till death do us part. No one will ever be able to take your place. Thank you for choosing me and loving me and teaching me. With God’s good grace I’ll see you later.

  5. Sharon Halsell

    Soooo, many memories. All so beautiful I can’t pick just one. If it had to be one, a trip we took together to Columbus, Ohio comes to mind. Money, money money,money!.. That’s who he was and who we were together. And Fun! OMG! 🤣. There are NO, words to adequately describe our bond and relationship. Hope was my SON, In EVERY, sense of the word. SON! He was my Sunshine! The sweet melody in my favorite songs…I love him as his kin did. Noone Can, Could, nor Ever will be able to take nor understand, what me and my baby shared. And for OUR TIME, I’m Soooo…So Grateful! Thank you Jesus! for blessing my life with, Mr.Jeffrey Lewis Jackson. The ONE AND ONLY!. A TRUE LOVE of my life. Rest my love. It’s been more than a pleasure. You’re a jewel in my treasure box. I will always, always, always love you Hope. My Son. From the moment we met… You were mine. Jennifer, thank you for being his lover, his friend, His Wife. I love you for taking care of our baby. He loved you, and I know you loved him. You’ll always be my daughter-n-law. I love you. Mama Sharon…

  6. Rochelle Martin

    I love this

  7. Herbert Howard aka Herbie

    To jj Rest in peace my brother even though it’s been years since we seen one another we had some fun time growing up?!!!

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