Jeremy Ray Harris

Jeremy Ray Harris, known affectionately by his loved ones as Tank, was born on July 1, 1980, in Bakersfield, California, and spent most of his life in Amarillo, Texas. A dedicated and loyal man, Jeremy was a pillar of strength and a beacon of love to those fortunate enough to have known him. His spirit was as strong and enduring as the tomahawks that were his life’s work in his commercial venture, Tomahawk Custom. His unwavering dedication to his craft was only superseded by his love and devotion to his children. As Ernest Hemingway once said, “The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice.” Jeremy embodied these qualities in every aspect of his life.

Jeremy’s life was a testament to his loving nature, patience, and the ability to make those around him feel cherished. His supportive nature was a beacon to his family and friends, providing comfort and guidance whenever it was needed. Jeremy was a man who wore his heart on his sleeve, his love for his children radiating from him like a warm, comforting glow. His daughter, Emrld, was the apple of his eye, and he strived every day to set a positive example for her, showing her the importance of love, kindness, and dedication.

He is survived by his beloved sister, Amanda Luke, and his cherished daughter, Emrld Harris, who will continue to honor his legacy by living their lives with the same love, loyalty, and dedication that Jeremy embodied. He is preceded in death by his parents, Raymond Harris and Debra Hassheider, who are undoubtedly welcoming him with open arms in the next life. As we mourn the loss of Jeremy, let us also celebrate his life, remembering him as the loving, loyal, and supportive man that he was. As the words of Maya Angelou remind us, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Jeremy made each one of us feel loved, valued, and cherished, and that is how we will remember him.

We encourage everyone who knew Jeremy to share their memories and upload any photos they may have of him on his memorial page. His life was a tapestry of love, dedication, and loyalty, and each memory shared adds another thread to that tapestry. Let’s come together to celebrate the life of Jeremy “Tank” Harris, a man whose love knew no bounds and whose spirit will continue to live on in our hearts.


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