Jimmie Dale Taylor

Geneva Fern Pittman Taylor, “Granny” 85 of Amarillo, Texas passed away October 23, 2022.

Jimmie Dale Taylor, “Pa”, “Old Man Taylor”, 90 of Amarillo, Texas passed away May 12, 2023, both were surrounded by their loved ones at their beautiful home under home hospice care.  The couple were married in 1952 in Lindsay Oklahoma and ”survived” 70 years of marriage.

Geneva was 15 years of age and Jimmie 20. They were actually “step siblings.” They truly enjoyed life and did everything together. Jimmie owned his own company, “Taylor’s Crane and Dragline Services“. Geneva was his secretary and did all the bookkeeping for the company.

The couple had two children, a son, Jimmy Alan Taylor, who passed away in May of 2020, and his surviving wife, Cindie of Chandler, Texas, and a daughter Angela Darlene Taylor Anderson and husband Benny of Amarillo, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are survived by 1 brother, Mr. Johnny Bee Taylor of Duncan, Oklahoma; a best friend, Mr. Charlie Harvey of Conway, Texas, seven grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren.

“Granny” loved her family, especially her grandchildren, she adored fabulous jewelry, and wore glamorous clothing. She was gorgeous and her husband knew it! Her hobbies included shopping on QVC, gambling in Las Vegas, and reading. She was a fun soul, very into country music, her favorite singer was Waylon Jennings. “Granny” and Mr. Taylor would compete in dance competitions and blow the crowds away! Her latest crush was Tucker Carlson because he is “just so smart and good looking.”

“Old Man Taylor, Pa” enjoyed making money for his family and took great pride in owning his own business. “Pa” started from dirt poor, and sometimes had to eat squirrel or possum for supper.  Growing up in Minko, Oklahoma with six brothers and sisters, he had to learn to survive at a young age. He absolutely loved his job, helping build I-40, working at Tyson, digging lakes for wealthy customers, and constructing West Gate Mall. “Old Man Taylor’s” hobbies included “talking trash” to his best of friends, especially Charlie Harvey, watching all the “Candy Asses” play golf while he worked around them, fishing at Lake Meredith, hunting bears, traveling to “Ol’ Mexico” with his brother Billy Taylor, working in his garage, playing poker, dancing to Elvis, watching WWE wrestling every Monday evening, and giving his beautiful wife “hell” every day!  If “Pa” didn’t give you a hard time, he didn’t like you. He was a “cantankerous old fart”, he would leave trails of $1 bills to his grandchildren, they all adored their “Pa”.

He was very generous to his family and always provided. Jimmie served in the Army and fought in the Korean War all while winning the Armed Forces Boxing Championship. When “Pa” had his VA appointments the nurses would ask “Mr. Taylor are you suicidal from PTSD, and the war”?  He would quickly respond with “No ma’am, trust me, my wife will kill me first!”

He will be greatly missed.


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