Kathleen A. (Sipes) Mitchell


Kathleen A. (Sipes) Mitchell passed away January 7, 2023.

A Funeral Service will be held at 2:00 p.m. Friday, January 13, 2023, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Westcliff, 2101 N. Coulter St., Amarillo, Texas.  Interment will follow at Memory Gardens Cemetery, McCormick Road and I27, Amarillo, Texas.

The family will receive visitors at the same location from 12:00 noon until 1:45 p.m., just before the service.

Kathleen A. (Sipes) Mitchell was born in Cheyenne Wyoming, to Bertha P. (Eutsler) Sipes. When Eldon W. Sipes, joined her family, eventually they moved to Lubbock, Texas. Kathleen lost her older brother, Freddy, to cancer at a young age.

Kathleen met the love of her life, Glen A. Mitchell, at a single adult church event, and together they set-off to share the love of God through service together.

She set the room alight with her obvious and intentional love for her fellow man. She taught her seven surviving children how to live, love, laugh and serve with intention, empathy, and compassion.

Her children are David, Naomi, Anyta, April, Ian, Kathleen “Kat”, Mariah. Kathleen’s “in-law” children joined her circle of love, and as many will attest, regardless of your relationship with her children- if you were hers, you would always be hers. Sarah, Bruce, Dustin, and Jeri.

Her sense of humor included pranks that showed love for someone. To include “I found your pet rock”, Mischievous do-gooders door drops, and countless other pranks that left others feeling included. Kathleen shared her love of family and friends with the world, along with her grandchildren who have inherited this legacy. Her kindness and love live on in their actions.

She leaves behind seventeen grandchildren, Darrian, Robert, Cheyenne, Joshua, Keaton, Kylia, Rachel, Mars, Zoey, Damien, Jocelyn, Piper, Gauge, Gracen, Tripp, Annabeth, and Sam.

Kathleen’s legacy of service and love for her fellow man while on earth is a legacy gladly carried on by those whom she touched. She had plenty of children that were “hers” that were not related directly. Her unconditional support and affection have carried many through troubled times. While there are too many to mention, know your name belongs here as you too share the legacy to carry on the mission to ease others hurt, feed the hungry, and show that God is Love through your actions.


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  1. Pam and Jared Olschewski

    The day you and Kati were married, Jared and I were beside you (at least when you were freed from the instruction room.) It was a joy to share that day with you. We have enjoyed being able to reconnect with you.

    You are wonderful people and what a legacy you have created. Your love of God and strength will ripple down the generations and bless many many lives.

    We pray for your comfort in the knowledge that Kati will be waiting for you eagerly when your time on earth is through. We pray for you and all of the family.

    Pam and Jared Olschewski

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