Kirby Lee Hickman

Kirby Lee Hickman

Kirby Lee Hickman, 76, of Cimarron, New Mexico was called to his heavenly home on March 25, 2023
while surrounded by his family in Amarillo, Texas.

Kirby was born on May 12, 1946, to Carl Ray Hickman and Kathryn Eunice Johnson. Kirby is preceded in
death by his brothers, Ronald and Richard, his parents, Carl and Kathryn, and his daughter, Aiyana Leigh Hickman.

Kirby is survived by his son, Brandon Hickman (Hisae Hickman), daughter, Linnea Hickman, sisters
Carolyn McCoy, and Christina Biasini, six grandchildren, (Linnea) Andrew, Joshua, Samuel,
(Aiyana) Zachary, Shawna, and Jonathan, many nieces and nephews, and friends he considered family.

Kirby was not only a beloved member of Cimarron, New Mexico for more than 30 years, he was a highly
decorated Vietnam Veteran, and a true New Mexico Cowboy. He may have been a little bit stubborn
and set in his ways but, he gave the best advice to anyone in need of his wisdom, and was a patient,
loving, and funny friend, father, and grandfather. He was a best friend to so many people in his
community. He touched the lives of everyone who knew him, and will be greatly missed.

A memorial will be held sometime this summer in Cimarron, New Mexico, details to come soon.

Kirby Lee Hickman


  1. Linnea Hickman

    My Dad was the best father a girl could have. He never raised a hand to me, always gave me the best advice, listened, and we always had an open line of communication. I was never afraid to talk to him about anything. We had little inside jokes and ways we talked to each other that always made us giggle. I would address him formally in a British accent and he would always respond in a British accent. When we talked on the phone we’d have an “I love you” competition and see who was gonna hang up first. I wish God would have let him stay in my life longer but he’s free from pain and with my sister. I will carry his legacy with me forever and keep our traditions alive for as long as I love. I love you Daddy, forever.

  2. Shirley Espinoza

    We will miss u Kirby going to the Cree mee

  3. Kathy Lefevre

    Kirby was my last living uncle. In his younger years he lived with my mom, his sister, and dad and later with my parents and us kids in El Paso. He used to tie my brownie neck tie early in morning. He almost killed me with his morning breath. It was bad. Later when we lived in Tucumcari we partied all over that stinking town. We had so much fun. Crazy times.
    When I lived in California I got to meet up him and my cousins in Santa Cruz. His son Brandon was surfing while we visited.
    We had several visits afterwards in California, Tucumcari, Amarillo, and then Houston. I’m glad we kept in touch over the years. I really loved you and I’m glad you’re with BJ, your brothers and your parents. So many we have lost and loved.
    Thank you for being a great uncle and a good Unc Unc to my kids. I will hold our memories in my heart.

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