Melody Linda McMath Moore

Melody Linda McMath Moore departed from her earthly temple on September 19, 2021, at the age of 53. She left this life surrounded by love and those that loved her. She was filled with adventure and spontaneity. She loved everyone.

As family and friends, we will gather, cry, laugh and give thanks for having Melody in our lives. We will see people, all people the way Melody did. We will volunteer, work, and give to organizations that help the homeless, and organizations that give to humanity, and help our world become better.

If you wish to honor Melody, please show kindness to your fellow humans. Let others in line before you, let people pass you on the road, lend a helping hand or a listening ear even when you don’t have time.

See homeless people as humans and have compassion for them. Love people. All people. Be kind and courteous in all circumstances. Life is fragile. Handle with care.


  1. Unknown

    Best obituary I’ve ever read. Prayers to all of you.

  2. Sue Hobson

    She was my darling daughter my first born my precious child! I will
    Miss her and am grateful that she is at rest! I am so thankful that her children surrounded her with love ❤️ I love her I miss her she touched my life and taught me so much! ♥️

  3. Debbie J

    She was beautiful! Everyone should have a big sister like that, that loves & protects them. A beautiful soul from a beautiful, loving, giving family. Memories will have to do til we all get together in heaven.

  4. Summer

    My mother Melody was my best friend. I will forever miss her smile and how she always knew how I felt before I could tell her. I am greatful to have had her as my Momma. We have the same laugh and when I talk sometimes I hear her. God I miss her!!!

  5. Amy

    Melody had a heart of gold. I am blessed to have known her. I miss you Mel, but I will see you again someday.

  6. Laquita Bivens Bell

    My sympathy to all of Melody’s family and friends. She was such a sweet neighbor and friend. Her smile and love for everyone she met was indescribable and so heart warming. May she rest in peace.

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