Pastor Daryl Edwin Roach

Daryl Edwin Roach, 66, of Amarillo, passed away July 4, 2021, while on a family camping trip in Colorado.

A memorial service is scheduled for 11 a.m., Saturday, July 10, at MORE Church in Amarillo, 5511 W. Amarillo Blvd. The family will have a private burial service.

Daryl was born October 4, 1954, in Pittsburg, TX, to J Nelson and Betty Earl (Latson) Roach. He married Wendy DeWitt Roach on May 12, 1981 in Amarillo and they recently celebrated 40 years of marriage.

Daryl graduated from Amarillo High School in 1973 as part of the last graduating class from the old high school that burned. He worked for Mrs. Baird’s Bread, Burger King and Jackson Supply in his earlier years. In 1999, he co-founded MORE Church in Amarillo and was the senior pastor until he passed away July 4.

Daryl loved being with his family, camping, fishing, reading and studying his Bible. He especially loved being with his grandchildren and spending time alone with Wendy.

He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, J Julian Roach and Robert Kyle Roach.

Daryl is survived wife, Wendy, of the home; four children, daughter Cheller Roach and husband Jason Dunn of Canyon, son J Roach of Chattanooga, TN, son Trey Roach and wife, Kathryn, of Amarillo, and daughter Bonney Ramirez and husband Eric of Fort Worth; six grandchildren – Hunter Flory and wife Kaitlin, Gunner Flory, Chloe Roth, Sadiya Roach, Sofia Roach and Julian Atlas Roach; nephew Chase Roach and his wife, Jaclyn,  his son Tristan and wife Jewel, and niece Kyla Roach and fiance Keith Wiggains.

Please join the live service 15 minutes prior to the service time.

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  1. Robin Stone

    Love my pastor. He will be very missed. He met with me and prayed with me any time I needed him. Was a man that lived his faith out in the open. I learned a lot from him.

  2. Jane Barnes

    Pastor Daryl always had time to sit and talk to me ask me how I was I often told him that he made church interesting for me and made me want to come to church I love the way he preached he had a heart of gold and I know he is going to be greatly missed

  3. Brittany Stevenson

    Pastor Daryl will be greatly missed. God has completely transformed my heart through pastor Daryl and his heart after God. Pastor Daryl stood out of the norm and bodly preached the heart of God. I am forever grateful to have been under Pastor daryl’s ministry time. I have learned so much but mostly importantly how to love like Jesus!

  4. Jeff Gresham

    All though Daryl wasn’t my biological uncle his brother Kyle was and when Kyle and Cari took my brother and I in Daryl had became my uncle he will be truly missed please tell my dad Kyle I love him we love you Uncle Daryl

  5. Lori Neal

    I went to MORE Church for a short time with my friends Dusty and Russell West I found his sermon very enlightening and very interesting not like any other Pastor when they preach I was baptized there by Pastor Lyndal I love the group that played every Sunday morning during services my friend Dusty moved away and my friend Russell passed away last November and my husband passed away January 25th 2021 so I moved back to Pennsylvania my hometown of Pittsburgh but I will always remember Pastor Roach he will never be forgotten always made me feel welcome at church like I have been going there for years my deepest condolences go out to the family and to the. More Church thank you Pastor DARYL Roach if I was still in Amarillo I would be there for your service RIP God has received another blessed angel at his side you are special because you did his work

  6. Julie Roach Ratliff

    I have so many fond, fun, happy, funny memories of growing up with Daryl. Being cousins, our families were like one. As we grew older, we drifted apart, but we always kept in touch and we were always thrilled to run into each other. He will be greatly missed. He is Home now, and we will join him someday. I love you Daryl!

  7. Rachael Neagle

    The kindest and wisest man I’ve ever known. You felt the love of Christ through him. I am Forever grateful.

  8. Julie Harris

    My prayers are with Wendy and the family. I was so surprised by Daryl’s passing. It was about 3 weeks ago we saw each other at a friends funeral and we shared such happy memories of Coulter Days when our kids were growing up. No matter where we go in Amarillo we see brothers and sisters in Christ. We hug and just catch up on all the news. What a great time we will all get together in Heaven and just love on each other. Prayers to all family and friends of Daryl. Keep the faith.

  9. Krista Lerma

    He always gave the best hugs and spoke words of encouragement at the very moment you needed it

  10. Mary L. Lucero

    Truly loved Pastor Daryl, was a lightening bolt and definitely on fire for the Lord. Not only my Pastor but also thought of him as my son, friend and brother (which he was) Sat under his leadership and teachings for 15 years and was always amazed at his love for all. See you in the sweet by and by my Pastor ❤️?

  11. Carmen Barrientez

    Daryl….. Such a good, good man. You will be so very missed…. It won’t be the same without you.

  12. Jack Porter

    What a man. His job is complete. He tilled the ground, he planted seeds. I can assure you he planted good ground. What he started those years ago will continue to grow and bloom. I say this because I know God was in him, and he made sure to give away the very thing God loves. Gods word and love. The greatest of these things is love. I for one loved him back.

  13. Amy B

    So thankful to have known him. Pastor Daryl will always hold a special place in my heart. He so genuinely loved and pastored with kindness, gentleness and a powerful, enduring faith that was so empowering and inspiring. His loss is deeply felt. Praying for Wendy and family.

  14. Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger

    I loved Daryl and am so sad to hear that he is gone. He and I were so different in so many ways – him the small town pastor and me the cosmopolitan rabbi – but in other ways we were so similar. We studied Bible together, and we deeply listened to each other. His listening and his respect, his openness, his curiousness and his graciousness, were so beautiful. He was so good to me. He introduced me to a world that I would otherwise have never known. I learned so much from him. In moving beyond his comfort zone, he moved me beyond my comfort zone and am so much the better for it. My deep condolences to Wendy and the family and to the whole church community. As we say in the Jewish tradition – may his memory be a blessing.

  15. Lynn Grogan

    Cheller — We had so many fun nights at your house and on the lake!! Remember when we got paint on the driveway, and we didn’t want your dad to see it, so we were cleaning it off with gasoline!?? Then he came home and flipped out anyway?!? We are lucky we didn’t burn the whole neighborhood down!!

  16. Desiree Vansickle

    Pastor Daryl made MORE feel like home and He really helped me understand who God is. He preached loud enough that heaven could hear but when he spoke to you in the hall, It was like y’all were the only people in the room. He gave you all of his attention and really cared about you and what you had to say. He will be greatly missed by me and many others but I know, because of his help I was saved and will see him again someday.



  18. Kathy Brittain

    Out boys went to school together. Daryl had such a gentle, kind spirit. I never heard him speak an unkind word.

  19. Tina Thrasher

    I was so sad to hear about Pastor Daryls passing. I went back to church after several years of not going and was so touched by the mission of this church and the amazing people there. I always loved the services. The music truly inspired and spirit led. Daryl had such a way of speaking right to your heart. The first one I heard was about miracles from messes and it was just what I needed at that exact time in my life. Going there changed my life. Knowing that he was such a man after Gods heart and a true fisher of men, made me so happy to go to church. I love the entire family and will miss him so much. I have never been to a more loving and accepting church. They took me in and showed me the kind of love I needed to heal from what I had been through. This church is truly doing what Jesus would do. He will be greatly missed.

  20. Travis D Moore

    Daryl was a awesome guy with a Heart for God and some great sermons, prayers for peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit for family and friends in Jesus name Amen

  21. Elizabeth Beasley, Scales

    I met him at a time when I was completely lost and searching for truth. He always encouraged me and helped me feel I had purpose. A lot of myself now came from learning from him. I will forever be grateful for the love he gave me and my family in the season we were in. We weren’t the easiest of people to love at times yet he did love us through the hardest of times. He will be missed dearly by so many.

  22. Debi Richardson Carner

    Beautiful, fun, spiritual moments we all shared for years at Coulter Road! Just lately, Daryl shared wise words in preparation for my brother’s memorial. One statement he made, early in our ministry with the youth has profoundly affected many of us…..he thought God watch us to see what we would do when tough things happened to others… what will we do? this is tough on Wendy, his children, grandchildren, family, church and friends …what will we do?

  23. Christi Porter

    Pastor Daryl inspired me to be me.. To love and listen without judgement..He taught me how to forgive..He taught me what true grace is. Thank you Daryl. Til we meet again sir

  24. Ralph Bates

    Daryl did a lot to help me after my
    wife passed. He has done so much to help my daughter Tanya-
    Rodney and family. I will never
    forget when he introduced me to
    the church as a fighter for racial
    justice. I will always remember
    his great stand for women in the
    church. Daryls work will live on

  25. Alexis Freyer

    Daryl loved the Lord with all of his heart and that was reflected every day in the life that he lived. He exuded God’s love and grace and was always kind. Pastor Daryl always had the right word at the right time. I am so blessed to have known him.

  26. Anonymous

    Ralph Bates July 9. I will never
    forget how Daryl stood up for the
    poor and oppressed; and how he
    spoke against racism; and how he
    stood for women in the church.
    Hope to talk to you again brother

  27. Laura Jones

    Pastor Daryl wasn’t just my pastor, he was my friend, & the love of Christ exploded from his spirit!! Daryl & Wendy really were like Gary & My spiritual parents!!! Daryl was really proud of Gary & my progress in the church & he would always use us as a example’s that we were truly miracles!!! I will have 10 years clean & sober on July 15th & this would of never been possible w/ out God & Daryl’s teaching! He taught me to love so much deeper & to give grace as God has given me! Gone too soon, but what a way to go!!! Doing what you love & surrounded by your beautiful family!! I love you Wendy, his friends & his family you will all be in my prayers!!! God bless y’all ❤️

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