Robert Mott, Sr.

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Robert Mott, Sr., 55, of Amarillo, passed away November 26, 2022. He was born June 3, 1967, to Richard Wilburn and Georgene (Solomon) Mott.

Memorial Services are scheduled for 2:00 p.m., Saturday, December 10th, 2022, in the Lighthouse Chapel, 3707 Wolflin Ave., Amarillo, Texas.

There will also be a Celebration of Life after the service at Drury Inn and Suites, 8540 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79106.

He was very active in his beloved Amtgard community from recruitment and service drives, to helping ensure new people had crafts and weapons they needed for the game. He enjoyed sharing his love for Amtgard and joy in the game with anyone who looked like they might be curious as to why he was wandering a store in garb. He also met Elisa through the game and together they continued to help shape and influence Amtgard in North Texas and California for most of his life. 

Robert was a loving family man who took pride in his children. He encouraged his sons to get into music and made sure to acknowledge and emphasize how proud he was of their progress. He even put in a lot of work to be able to join both of his children playing tuba together in a Tuba Christmas event. He only ever wanted Robert and Andrew to do and be better than him and have a better life than he did, and he loved trying to help them both as best he could with any issue.

Robert loved his wife Elisa deeply and was always trying to find interesting and fun things for them to do together. He enjoyed watching competition reality shows with her and finding the next great co-op Fantasy RPG video game for them to play together. In recent years, they began traveling and exploring more by going on a Walking Dead themed Cruise and attending various concerts. They have also been there for each other through their many medical events.

Robert joins his parents, Georgene Mott and Richard Mott, and his brother, Russell Wayne Mott in death. 

He is survived by his wife of 29 years, Elisa Mott; his children Robert Mott Jr. and Andrew Mott; his sisters, Michele Rupe and Melinda Chance, as well as many cousins, nieces, and nephews.


  1. Anonymous

    What a joy yo have Robert as my friend. Will sure miss him. Lisa, I’m praying for you

  2. Damian Kemp

    My favorite memory is when his mother in law, my grandmother had passed in the summer of 2018. He was kind enough to help me make it to her funeral and be able to be there with the family to pay my respects. During the trip he would tell me stories of his D&D campaign that he was in with his son, my cousin Andrew and helped me process the emotions and gave me support in my time of need. I will miss him and his bright personality along with his supportive nature. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Wife, my Aunt, his sons, my Cousins, and to the rest of our family.


    I was just recently able to have my cousins, Robert and Elisa back in my life. It was a joy to help them find a new home. I am so glad they moved into the property I manage. If you need anything Elisa, just remember I’m here for you. RIP Robert I will miss you. Prayers for all the family.

  4. Paul

    Robert was one of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever known. I will miss him, and my thoughts are with the Mott and Kemp families.

  5. Darrin (Neon)

    Robert was always very special to me. I loved him. We have been friends for over 25 years. My wife and kids also loved him very much. He was so kind and loving. I have many happy and loving memories of him. He supported everyone he loved and made them better. A piece of my heart is gone and I will miss him very much. Lisa, Robert Jr, Andrew, I love you guys too. My deepest condolences.

  6. Laura Stanart

    Amtgard, he had a big booming laugh that was infectious, he was kind to a fault

  7. First Name Gary and Nancy Last Name Jones


  8. John (Caleom Radmoor)

    Rob was an amazing guy in both amtgard and just in life. I had the honor of knowing him in both. I met him the first time I went to amtgard. We weren’t fast to friendship, yet once I got to know Rob I began to value him more and more as a close friend.
    I’m sure it was one of those had to be there moments but a fond memory I have of Euric was in those early years him going up to a Yugo (small compact car) calling it a barbarian roller skate. Sticking his leg in the window and looking around for the other roller skate. It was quite funny and he of course hammed it up in a way that only he could.

  9. Ron (Rangor Treecrusher)

    Robert (Euric) made me feel like I had something to give to the game and others and was always there to listen when you needed an ear. I will miss you, my friend. I know wherever you are there’s a barbarian horde awaiting your next command. Save me a spot on the field next to you and I will be there in time yelling, “WHAT? DID I WIN SOMETHING?”Goodbye old friend.

  10. Gwydion

    Robert was one of the best people I have ever known. I know the world is a better place because of him. He will be missed.

  11. Cindy Osborne

    I had the honor of being able to transport Robert Mott a few times at BSA to day surgery after he had an outpatient procedure done in ultrasound. I loved his motor wheelchair and his personality.

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