Stephanie Leigh Quinn

Stephanie Leigh Quinn, known affectionately as Tebany or Nee Nee, passed away on October 10, 2023. Born on May 2, 1961, in Lubbock, Texas, Stephanie lived a life marked by generosity, love, creativity, and loyalty. Despite the significant challenges she faced due to mental and physical illnesses, Stephanie made a profound impact on those around her and devoted her life to what mattered most to her – her family.

Stephanie’s love for her children was boundless. She is survived by her son, Paul (Jen), and her daughters, Cassie (Brian) and Tesia. She was dedicated to her children and to the Lord, evidenced by teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School in Oklahoma City, OK, teaching at Marshfield Christian School in Marshfield, MO, and serving as a counselor at Camp Fairhaven in Dora, Missouri.

Stephanie was an avid reader, a keen movie-goer, and an animal lover. Her creative spirit found an outlet in crafts, and she was always ready for a shopping adventure. But it was her love for her family that truly defined her.

Stephanie is preceded in death by her parents, Richard and Nancy Hill, as well as her brother-in-law, Hardy Horton.

Stephanie’s laughter and warmth will be greatly missed by her siblings Mike (Joanne), Gary (Tammy), Ron, Jean, and Rocky (Michelle), as well as many beloved family members that she cherished.

Stephanie’s life was a testament to resilience and love. Her spirit will live on in the many lives she touched. We encourage all who knew Stephanie to share photos and memories on her memorial page. Let us remember and honor Stephanie’s life, as we recall her generosity, love, creativity, and loyalty.

A Memorial Service celebrating Stephanie’s life will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, October 21, 2023, at Quaker Avenue Church of God, 4320 53rd St. Lubbock, Texas 79413.

Floral arrangements are recommended to be delivered to the church at 4320 53rd St.  Some local florists can be found at: Flower Delivery Lubbock | Send Flowers to Lubbock, TX | 1800Flowers



  1. Summer Hill

    My sweet sweet NeeNee.

    I will always cherish the precious memories and adventures we had at church camp, our trips to Goodwill, getting ready for prom, and especially playing with you and our cousins at our house. You loved your family so so very much. I love you.

    Until we meet again.

    Your Sum Sum.

  2. Margie White

    Oh Stephanie…we had so much fun as girl’s counselors at Camp Fairhavens! We had the two rooms at the entrance to the girl’s rooms and when one night we heard a commotion outside the door, we each busted out of our rooms, meeting in the hall at the same time, only to see that it was just Kevin changing the outside overhead light! I still have the blue ice chest you gave me when you found you didn’t have room for it on your return trip to NY. I’m so glad our family got to know yours! Rest in God’s peace, my friend!

  3. Deebee Horton

    My favorite memories that I will hold dear to my heart is game nights. I would fix dinner and sometimes Ronnie would come over too. We played wahoo and Domino’s. Enjoyed being together. I will miss our long talks, I will never stop loving and missing you….❤️

  4. Annie Gaffney

    We always had the best sleepovers at your house. In some ways, you felt like a second mom in those early years of my life. I always loved your spunky sense of humor, and your beautiful smile. I was so sad when your family moved away, but thankful that you came back to camp every year for a while. You were one of the most fun counselors at camp. Everybody couldn’t help but love you. I wish we could’ve had a reunion, but it will have to wait until Christ’s return. I’ll miss you until then!

  5. Sharon Bennett

    Stephanie, you will be dearly missed. You always made sure to visit when we were in Lubbock. We had a lot of great family reunions, & I know you are having the best one right now. I love you sweet cousin.💗

  6. Rocky Hill

    My heart is broken!
    Stephanie was and always will be My Baby Sister. We shared a special bond ever since we were little.
    I have so many good memories, The one we probably talked and laughed about the most was how I used to interfere with her love life, nobody was good enough for my little sister. When she would bring a suiter, ( a couple of them were my good buddies) home after a date, they would have to park down the street for their make out sessions, so they wouldn’t have to face the wrath of her big brother, maybe I was a little intimidating back then. She probably would never have gotten married if she hadn’t moved to Oklahoma, which ended up being a blessing, because I ended up with my two beautiful nieces and nephew.
    I love her and miss her very much!

  7. Margo Steffan

    Nee Née was the best fill in Mom when my daughter started her family. She was kind and giving and showered them with love when I could not be there. Living an hours drive apart, she would fill in as a sitter, to pick the kids up from school if mom was held up at work or to make a treat for school. She was our Heaven sent Angel. My daughter loved her as did her children. I don’t remember ever telling her how much we all appreciated her. You are now in Gods hands Née Née but you will never be forgotten 💕

  8. Cheyenne Hill

    A cherished memory of mine was when NeeNee let my six year old self do her makeup before she had a date and though she most likely redid it after I went to bed, it was very cool of her to let me do so. Looking back, it’s not very surprising though because that was just who she was, a very cool aunt and an amazing person.

    Rest in peace NeeNee.

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