Steven “Steve” Hubert Heiskell

Steven Hubert Heiskell, 72, of Amarillo, passed away July 4, 2024, surrounded by his loving family. He was born September 14, 1951, in Amarillo.

Memorial Services will be held at 12:00 noon, Monday, July 15, 2024, at Hillside Christian Church South Campus, 6917 Bell St. Amarillo Texas, under the direction of Lighthouse Funeral Home.

Steve loved being a father and took it very seriously, so much so, his stepchildren never felt like stepchildren. He especially loved being a Popop. His grandchildren were the light of his life.

He referred to himself as a man of many hats because of his many careers, The one he was most proud of was his career as a building inspector for the City of Amarillo, that he retired from after 17 years.

Steve loved travel so much he said, “I have Gypsy feet,” and those feet took him to many parts the world and he saw every state of the Union but two.

He never met a stranger and did his best not to burn any bridges, so his list of friends is extensive, he remembered every name and where he met them. Steve was so kind and generous he would have given the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.
I think what Steve will be remembered for most was his love of music and most of all for his sense of humor. He told the worst dad jokes, but we loved everyone he told.

Steve was preceded in death by his father Harold Richardson Heiskell, His Mother Fadra Lorraine Heiskell, and Zach and Maddy’s mother Darci Rae Heiskell.

Survivors include his wife Saunya “Lynn” Heiskell and their blended family, Zachary Benjamin Heiskell and his wife Nicole, Madison Lynn Heiskell and her significant other Joe Hooker, Felicity Ann Cox and her husband Travis Baird, Bridgette J. Evans and her partner Aspen Henton, and Kirsten Lynn Fischbacher and her husband Tyler, plus 8 grandchildren. He is also survived by his stepmother, Tady Heiskell and their blended family; his brother Leslie “George” Heiskell, and two sisters Vickie Gibbs, and Jamie Tindall and their significant others.


  1. David martinez

    Love my brother Steve he was one of my best friends helped me a lot with several projects I did and enjoyed working with him for years he was an awesome man he will truly be missed

  2. Craig Brown

    By far one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known. I always think of Steve when Brian Adams’ Summer of ‘69 comes on the radio because he was just cool that way. He was the quintessential hippie.

    I’ll see you again my friend!!

  3. Weldon Edwards

    Broke a serpentine belt on the way to work at Building safety. I got a new belt but didn’t have a break over. Steve went and bought me one, Helped me put it on and wouldn’t let me pay him for the wrench!! That’s the type of people we all need to be!!!

  4. G Harris

    Failed the framing on the first building I was in charge of due to an over eager electrician. Started a long work relationship as well as friendship. he will be missed.

  5. Jeff Quinlin

    There is only one Steve Heiskell and I am fortunate to have many wonderful memories from his life. Steve was a team player at every level of responsibility, embracing the overall vision or working in the trenches with fellow inspectors or serving our citizens. Steve would go above and beyond sacrificing himself to help others. Steve loved to challenge others not just to disagree but to see if you really believed in what you are embarking on. Steve was extremely intelligent and I went to him many times as a resource or bouncing things off of him for his insight. Steve was a faithful friend to everyone who befriended him and you could always count on him. If Steve Heiskell loved you knew it and I really don’t know anyone he didn’t want to love even his adversaries. Heaven will not be the same with his presence and what a joy and honor to see him again. Total Rest Brother Steve and Blessings ti your Family

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