Trevor Dane Riley

Trevor Dane Riley, 23, of Amarillo, Texas was called to his heavenly home on March 26th, in Amarillo, Texas. Trevor was born in Amarillo, Texas, on May 17, 1997 to Boyd and Katressa (Talbert) Riley.

A Memorial Service will  be held at 3:00 p.m., Saturday, April 3, at Hillside Christian Church, located at 600  Tascosa Road.  Arrangements are under the personal care of Lighthouse Funeral and Cremation Services.

Trevor was a very passionate and good-hearted son.  He would do anything for anyone in need.

He was preceded in death by his father, Boyd Riley; his grandfather, Harold Penny, and his great-grandfather, Jargo Johnson.

Those left to cherish his memory are his mom, Katressa Riley; his stepdad, Stephen Chitty; his brother Joshua Riley; his sister, Dlorah Penny, and many, many other family and friends.

To watch the service live please click the link 15 minutes prior to the service starting.
Live Service


  1. Matthew Mayes

    Trevor I miss u already. u was my runt and I will miss you everyday I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to watch your back I will always remember our memories together and we have had a hell of a road but you are my little brother and I’m so sorry you are gone words can’t explain my emotional self I’m upset and lost knowing you won’t call again. I love u my friend please watch over us. I love u trevor u was my best friend.

  2. Matthew Mayes

    It was just you and I at New years I didn’t expect this it makes me sick you were my best friend I’m so sorry you’re gone little brother

  3. K.Penny

    My Grandson, Trevor was born prematurely, he weighed 2lb8oz. He lived in an incubator for months. There were days they moved him into a special room because they thought he wouldn’t make it through the day, but he did. He was a beautiful child. Loving, caring, and Trevor
    loved his family. We loved him back. We watched as he struggled through many of life’s moments, Again He made it and he did it with grace. His final battle in this world was fought was
    Friday night. He did not lose, because today Trevor is with God, Trevor doesn’t have to fight anymore. He is with loved ones that have gone before him, no more struggle. Trevor is happy and peaceful this day.

  4. Alexis davis

    Trevor I miss u so much u were best friend

  5. Brandy garza

    Trevor u were my favorite cousin I can’t believe your gone me audri and jordan and tony and marquez and anita and mom miss u so much rest in peace

  6. Michelle penny

    I will miss the way you walked in a room your beautiful smile your humor you made everyone laugh and have a great time I will miss you telling me you love me so much you will not be forgotten because I will carry you in my heart always now it’s time I tell you Trevor I love you so much love grandma

  7. Anita

    I will miss Cuzin I will miss all time we had together growing up

  8. Casey Wheat

    Trevor Dane I will miss your smile and your and kindness rest in peace nephew your with your angels now tell grandpa I said hi love you buddy

  9. James Hoffman

    There was never a time when you was a bad person in my heart. I’m sorry to see u gone man. I love you and will miss you. Watch over everyone and heaven bro

  10. Audri garza

    Trevor. Cousin we will miss u dearly. We already miss u so much ❤

  11. Mary wheat

    Trevor golly like I remember when I seen yu at Harley an you were smiling love you rest in paradise you were to beautiful for this world so you gained your wings an yes your going to remembered an you didn’t deserve to get shot nor your life taken but just know that we will seee justice be done an you by maybe gone but never forgotten !!! Rest in paradise love yu til we meet again

  12. A.L.

    On this earth, you were an angel plagued by demons and had you been given the chance, I believe that you would have been victorious against all of the trials that the devil would have tried to set before you in this life. You were smart, you were kind, and you were an old soul; a rare spark of hope in a dying world. Although we hadn’t talked in what seems like forever now, the world just isn’t as bright without you in it and even though there was nothing that I could do to save you, I still feel as though I failed you. You deserved so much better in this life and I am so sorry you didn’t get it here. But, I trust that as on earth, so in Heaven are you too an angel and are now able to find the peace you had once been seeking.

    All my love to you and to your family.

    “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4

  13. misty riley

    I love you little brother ? you will be greatly missed by your big sister and ur neices and nephew. Sorry I couldn’t make it to Amarillo for your funeral ? I found some comfort in knowing you’re with dad now and me and my kids are lucky to have you two watching over us.. until we meet again baby brother ?

  14. Tina

    You always tried to make everyone happy. You were the best “big brother” to my kids. Always looking out for them. We miss you like crazy punk. Till we meet again.

  15. Randy R.

    The last joyful memory I can say was , u had came over to chill with me and my friends including my cousin Adam. We hang for hours and you were a true brotha to me when we needed eachothers backs. We even worked together , talked about life, and including that you even had changed bro which made me proud cause I had changed in my life path and you were just seeing life differently .

  16. K.Penny

    I still miss you baby, every day, every hour. I love you so so very much. Your Grandma

  17. Zachary Castillo

    I will never forget you Trevor.. You were always a brother to me, when I moved back to Amarillo from Colorado you were my best friend at Sam Houston.. I’ll never forget that as we got older chilled a few times but I won’t ever forget the memories we had together brother.. You’ll be truly missed.

  18. Brenda

    Trevor, I’m incredibly sorry I didn’t make it to your funeral. I only heard about your passing recently and it’s sucks. I wish we would have had at least one more conversation. It’s been a while since we talked, or that I saw that goofy smile you would give me. I hope your doing better now in heaven. I know you had some demons you had to face down here, and now you don’t anymore. Till I see you again..

  19. Alexis Davis

    Trevor there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about u, u was my best friend.

  20. harley riley

    i miss you trevor me you and raquel had some good memories

  21. Raquel Riley

    It’s been over two years Trev. I’m doing my best to keep up with the case, all 3 have been indicted since June 1st of 2021. I haven’t found anything else. I hope they rot, suffer for decades. I miss you forever bubba.

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