Vida Sue “Susie” Miller

Vida Sue “Susie” Miller, 81, of Tucumcari, New Mexico, made her journey to her heavenly home in the loving arms of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Tuesday, March 21, 2023, following a brief illness. She was born May 27, 1941, in Lovington, New Mexico to Jasper and Maggie Odessa (Hester) Smith.

Susie lived a rich and full life ~ a life of laughter, joy, hardship, hard work, and at times, a hard life. She was full of grit and optimism most days, and almost always the life of any party. When she walked into her home, the home of someone she was visiting, or even her place of work, you knew she was there! She was loud with laughter, humor, and constant comedy. It was her approach and philosophy of life to have faith in God in all situations, and to keep her “chin up” and nose to the grindstone when the challenges of life seemed overwhelming. Of course, she always found the humorous points in any of life’s challenges. Needless to say, she was loved beyond what mere words can express. Her childhood was packed with stories of fun-loving, at times dangerous mischief. Her family all heard tales of the things she did growing up with her two brothers and five sisters. The stories are chock-full of adventures that could fill novels and film!

Susie spent her life in service to others, waiting tables, hairdressing, cleaning houses, or working in home health. She also held jobs farming, driving feed trucks, and working in retail. Whatever she was doing, her work ethic included humor, creativity, and getting the job done right. Susie lived big and loved big. She loved her make-up, her bleached hair, false eyelashes, garage sales, thrift stores, country gospel and Mexican music. Most of all, she loved her family. Family, laughter, and being with people she loved were the essence and strength of her life.

“We are thankful for the memories of every day we had with her. Because of the imprint of love and laughter she left in our lives and in our hearts, we will thankfully never be the same.”


  1. Joe Eidy

    I really miss my little one too ?

  2. Harley Harkness

    Susie was always so funny and a blast to be around. She will be missed by so many. She always told the funniest stories about growing up.
    Harley,Heather,and Ryder Harkness

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