Willis James Rockymore

Willis James Rockymore

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Willis James Rockymore, also known as Willie J Anderson, who left us on August 11, 2023. Born on May 27, 1945, in Lubbock, TX, Willis was a charismatic, funny, resilient, and spirited individual, whose life was a testament to the strength of his character. Known affectionately as Rocky, Lavoris, James, and Rock by his loved ones, Willis left a lasting impact on everyone he met.

In his professional life, Willis was a seasoned salesman, excelling in his field with determination and wit. He was known for his resilience, always bouncing back no matter the obstacles that life threw at him. He was a retired serviceman, earning the SharpShooter Award and a Medal of Service from the United States Army, reflecting his exceptional skills and dedication. Despite his many accomplishments, Willis remained down-to-earth and approachable, always ready to share a laugh or a word of wisdom.

Beyond his professional achievements, Willis was a man of many hobbies. He was an avid music lover, a poetic soul who found solace in putting words to paper, a globetrotter with an unquenchable thirst for discovery, and a bookworm who believed in the power of literature. He was an active member of the VA, where he found camaraderie and kinship. Above all, what mattered most to Willis was his family. He was a loving father, a caring ex-husband, and a cherished friend.

Willis is survived by his daughters Dianna Rockymore, Latonia Sanders, Deedee Poindexter, and Yvette; and his sons, affectionately known as ‘The Twins’. He also leaves behind his ex-wife, Dianna Petroske. Willis was preceded in death by his father, James Rockymore, his mother, Merseal Collier, his son, Ricky, and his brother, Freddy Anderson.

We invite everyone who knew and loved Willis to celebrate his life by sharing memories, stories, and photos on his memorial page. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone he interacted with, as he continues to inspire us with his charismatic personality, his sense of humor, his resilience, and his spirited nature.


  1. Michael Gomez

    This man was one cherished and loved man I can recall from my earliest memories in life he was like a father figure as my own father was out fighting the good fight in the national guard in Baghdad. I remember he used to call me iron mike cause as I child used to go around punching people tho I haven’t found out why yet I remember most the times I came to visit he’d be right there saying “iron mike is back” it made me blush this man has lived a good life and may the afterlife show him that in death he is still love and cherished.

  2. Ophelia Washington

    I will miss my brother. I love you.

  3. Kristi Gallegos

    Mr. Rockymore will always be remembered as a kind soul, with a quiet disposition and sweet smile. I had the pleasure of knowing him through the VA. How lucky we all were to serve him – and know him.

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