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Funeral Services in Amarillo

At Lighthouse Funeral and Cremation Services, we take pride in our commitment to our community with respectful, professional services. We are a family owned and operated Amarillo funeral home that provides traditional, meaningful, and memorable services during those difficult times in your life. With the passing of a loved one, it seems that you can never have enough friends and family around you. Our family is here to make it that much easier for you.

Unlike many other Amarillo funeral homes that have been bought up over time by large and continuously expanding corporations, we continue to be a small, family-run operation headquartered in the community we serve. We at Lighthouse Funeral and Cremation Services pride ourselves on kindness, meticulous attention to detail, and ensuring our clients are well-informed about the services they choose.

The trust you have placed in us for caring for your loved one is not seen by us as just a casual business relationship. We aim to provide anyone who comes to us in their time of need with the most attentive care we can provide as we handle every detail and specific instruction given to us down to the letter.

When planning a funeral service for your loved one, there are many options available as to how you want to celebrate and honor the life of your loved one. We will do all that we can to offer you, your family, and your friends a space to join in grief, comfort, and love. Above all, we will do our best to help you celebrate the light your loved one brought into the world in the way that is most meaningful to you.


Funerals are memorable events for family and friends to gather, find comfort in each other, and celebrate a loved one’s life lived. Many options are available when holding a funeral service to commemorate a life. Lighthouse is proud to offer traditional funerals or services that are entirely unique. Different cultures and religions have their own funeral traditions, and we will do what we can to best accommodate any of these requests. This moment is for you and your family to come together, grieve, and celebrate.

Funeral Services for Veterans in Amarillo, TX


Much like a funeral, memorial services are held to remember and honor a loved one who has passed. Many options are available for these services. They can be arranged shortly following death or even weeks to months later. The family will also have a choice to have the casket or urn present during the service if circumstances allow. The thing that matters most is that your loved one’s friends and family have a place to gather in grief to lean on one another while sharing cherished memories and paying their respects.


Among the most popular options for laying a loved one to rest is a traditional casket burial. Burial services can be held in conjunction with any of our other services in either a private, public, or combination setting. Visitations and viewings can be arranged with either an open or closed casket and can be held at Lighthouse’s chapel or at a site—churches, homes, graveside, or other facilities—of your choosing. How you choose to commemorate your loved one is entirely up to you.


Aside from traditional casket burials, cremation is another prevalent method for laying the deceased to rest. Cremation services make things more flexible for the family in regard to where the funeral or memorial service can be held. Traditional or novel ceremonies can be held with or without the presence of the urn. The family gets to keep the urn in order to scatter the ashes, have them buried, or put them in a columbarium. There is no shortage of options for having a meaningful service for your loved one.

Reach Out for Assistance

Planning a service with us grants you many options to choose from. Our promise to you is that we will work to provide you with everything you require in order to have a beautiful ceremony reflective of your loved one. Regardless of the service you choose, we are equipped to provide you with a place to gather with friends and family to grieve your loved one while comforting one another. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions or go over all of your options at any time of the day or night. Please give us a call to chat with a director about what we can do for you!