Funeral Preneed Services

Funeral Pre-Arrangement

Losing a loved one is not an easy experience, no matter how prepared you think you might be. Planning a worthy funeral for that loved one in the time you should be grieving is an even more difficult task and something no one should have to be burdened with while they are hurting.

Funerals of varying kinds have been a way to celebrate a life when it has come to an end, but in a time of grief, especially when death seems so sudden, the financial stresses and the endless choices to be made in order to plan a funeral can take a toll on the person responsible. Funeral pre-planning and pre-arrangement can help take some of the burden off of your family members while they are grieving your passing.

Pre-planning your funeral truly is a thoughtful, considerate gift to those closest to you. Not only will it allow your family and friends more time to mourn properly, but you will be the one who gets to decide what your funeral will look like.

Give them peace of mind

There are many considerations to take into account during the process of pre-planning your funeral. You must first remember to keep your budget in mind so you can weigh out all your options realistically. Deciding on the location of your burial, your tombstone, as well as what you will be buried in are all important choices to be made. Drawing out a plan can help you decide on what provisions will be required for your funeral.

Let us assist

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning your own funeral? Let our professionals guide you through the process.

Why plan ahead?

Planning ahead is possibly the best way to go about almost any life event, so why not plan for your funeral? Pre-planning your funeral comes with many benefits.

Relief for your loved ones

First, planning your own funeral ahead of time gives your family the chance to grieve after your passing, something that is vital for every person. Experiencing the death of a loved one causes a person to feel a variety of emotions. Some report feeling numb when learning of the death of a loved one while others feel angry or shocked. Overall, a person is likely to experience an array of different emotions throughout the mourning process and it is important for people to allow themselves time to come to terms with the circumstances. Having a funeral to plan can greatly interfere with the emotional process of grief and can feel like a major burden. Pre-planning your funeral takes this burden off the shoulders of your bereaved kin and allows them better time to process their loss.

Personal wishes ensured

Another benefit to planning your own funeral is that your personal wishes for your funeral are sure to be carried out. You get the chance to map out the specifics such as whether you want to be buried or cremated, what vase or casket you would like to be put to rest in, the location of your final resting place, and what your tombstone will read. Whatever you want your funeral to entail, it will reflect your exact wishes and the standards in which you hold. It also gives you the opportunity to nip any potential arguments amongst family members or friends in regards to your funeral arrangements.

Cost Efficiency

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive and can create an extreme financial burden for family members if not planned and budgeted for properly. Here at Lighthouse Funeral Home, our directors are compensated the same no matter the cost of your funeral, so we can ensure you of the absence of any kind of upselling or price gouging. However, funerals are still a pricey expense, and costs are constantly on the rise. When you take the necessary steps and draw out a plan for your funeral, the prices can be locked in at today’s rates, costing much less than what it would after your passing.

Start Your Plan

If pre-planning sounds like something you and your family would benefit from, feel free to reach out to us with all your questions and concerns. We are happy to assist you.